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For centuries, fishermen have been concocting various potions intended to stimulate their prey to take lure or bait.
The bait to attract foreign carmakers was access to a huge potential market.
Trap after trap is empty, the bait nibbled by weasels too light to trip the mechanism.
One of the best ways to avoid becoming bait is to understand that you are not a seer.
Such articles of yours work as bait for trout fishing.
Be careful with such controls if children or pets use the garden, since bait is attractive to them.
It takes saintliness and iron self-discipline not to respond to bait as alluring as this.
It is not a real biggie to me unless someone is trying to bait me by using it.
The next couple of frames show it with its trophy bait fish.
The wildlife division trapped deer for one day, and quit because the bait attracted the hogs, which tore up the traps.
Besides, if you leave it lying near your back door, you can use it as bait to replenish your ant colony.
The technicians installed bait devices around and in the museum.
Take deep breaths, reply firmly and calmly, and do not take the bait.
Water deeply and regularly, and bait for snails and slugs.
Wright found he was more interested in designing the towns that served as chopper bait.
It is one of the creepier of creatures: a squirming, snakelike fish, good mostly for sushi or bait.
To some people its primary function is fishing bait.
Sometimes, he's out on the bay, catching clams or trapping crabs and fishing for bait.
She's going to bait it and collect oceanographic data at the same time.
Children bait strings with chicken necks to catch blue crabs.
To bait fish withal: if it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.
If you live near a coastal town, head to the docks-fresh anchovies and smelt are often sold as bait.
It's all a bait and switch, though, because everyone is too busy trading up to hook up.
Enter our criticism of parents for taking that bait.
Tigers eat the bait, and then die when the bombs explode in their mouths.
We stumbled toward the government bait, never looking down, never noticing how the land was snatched from under us at every step.
In autumn and spring he concentrates this bait at the three high seats within his area.
Leroy had set a live trap with peanut butter as bait, and had caught the rascal on the first night.
Most of the world is no longer taking the bait and are investing in alternative energy.
Its lid is rigged to slam shut if an animal tugs on the bait inside.
It was always a challenge and not for the faint at heart, to try and catch a handful to use later for fishing bait.
Maybe this is a bait-and-switch-build up the mystery, but then tell viewers that a wandering herbivore was really responsible.
Finally, the fellow who suggested the rapid growth was due in part to the use of too much corn to bait feeders during deer season.
Crawfish bait works best for spring to late fall fishing trips.
Many people trap their own bait or pick them up from bait shops.
Some fishermen use spinning gear while others use bait-casting equipment.
Plunking is another shore fishing method, which involves anchoring a bait in fast-moving water.
Most guides will allow you to use live bait or lures, depending on your preference.
The tour company provides bait, tackle and appropriate state fishing licenses.
Bait dogs are chained and allowed to be attacked by other dogs.
The attendant provides you with a rod, line and bait.
But you still have to use caution when using and storing these bait stations.
Six and eight hour-long charters include licenses and tackle, and the bait shop and fuel dock are open seven days a week.
Campground amenities include a full-service bathhouse with restrooms and hot showers, a bait store, and a boat launch.
Some charters provide all the tackle and bait you need for your trip.
The company offers full or half-day trips that include your fishing license for the day along with all tackle and bait.
All fishing trips include rod, reel, bait and all necessary licensing.
They expect to begin dropping poisoned bait around the island next year.
If they want to go out and find trap bait, they can get through anything.
However, many of the disaster websites pull a bait-and-shift to fool people.
It would be fascinating to know what bait was used to finally hook him after all those years.
He keeps eating the bait out of the trap, knocks everything off the workbench and dumped over my husband's mug of lemonade.
One trips a log that crushes a rat as it comes for the bait.
The krill are used as fish food and bait and, in some countries, as a delicacy for humans.
The team also filmed wolf fish and deep-sea sharks, which fought over mackerel bait attached to the lander.
The ones used in medicine are certain species, not the types that fishermen use for bait.
And colleges are finding that the problems are lawsuit bait, generating litigation and complaints.
What sounds reasonable works also perfectly as a bait.
The bait for homeowners would be lower interest costs.
Then, let's talk about the bait-and-switch involved with cap-and-trade.
Bait-trapping is a gentle and effective gather method but takes longer.

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