bailout in a sentence

Example sentences for bailout

Ford leans on consumer electronics as part of no-bailout strategy.
And to think this guy did it all without government bailout money.
The bailout only rewards scams and the ignorant people who have invested in them.
It might even justify all that bailout money, and help put people back to work.
Firstly the fixed costs of running a bailout country must be reduced.
They found a public that was gullible and receptive to the bailout argument.
The press for a federal bailout of the auto industry increased over the weekend.
The financial bailout package signed into law today has some bonus provisions for renewable energy and plug-in vehicles.
In short, the costs of the initial bailout were outweighed by the costs of doing nothing.
One side says war spending is the problem, the other says it's the economic bailout plan.
If a member state can't pay its bills, this bailout fund may step in.
The bailout in itself condemns the policy of deregulation which made the bailout necessary.
It would likely result in a taxpayer funded bailout of postal workers' retiree health care payments.
Act would immediately terminate bailout, apply remaining funds to reduce national debt.
But do the math, and you can begin to understand how really botched this bailout has been.
They have opposed bailout after bailout, even those meant to help their next-door neighbors who couldn't afford their mortgages.
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