bailiff in a sentence

Example sentences for bailiff

Fifteen minutes later, a bailiff appeared at the door.
Farmers faced with bank repossession-he was one-warded off the bailiff by going on hunger strike.
To schedule a hearing, please contact the bailiff directly.
Contact the bailiff and advise the bailiff of the dispute and the number where you can be reached.
The bailiff testified that the jury foreman came to the door and told her that they were finished deliberating.
Please notify the bailiff by email to strike a motion.
If a case is in progress, attorneys should quietly wait for the bailiff or law clerk to approach.
Requests for hearing dates are accepted by email sent to the bailiff.
Please call or e-mail the bailiff immediately if a case settles or a motion needs to be stricken from the court's calendar.
The bailiff did not recall making a statement that the jurors were stuck with him.
Attorneys reporting to the courtroom should approach either the bailiff or the constable, even if a trial is in session.
Both judge and bailiff have access to master courtroom controls.
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