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Dental records confirmed the match, and another sad and baffling case was solved.
Think of being the chief figure and directing factor in solving strange mysteries and baffling crimes.
The biggest alien planet found so far is baffling scientists with properties that defy current scientific explanation.
Now the stark blackness of mountain peaks contrasts with the baffling light of twin moons.
Even for scientists it is a place of baffling mysteries.
At first that made me laugh, but it started happening enough to become baffling.
It was another in all its harrowing, uplifting, baffling reality.
That's far more effective, for an e-mail message cannot convey tone and sometimes it is simply baffling.
The movie is so effective in depicting the inhumanity that it makes our failure to act seem baffling.
It's baffling why the authors wouldn't use one of those.
Sometimes a concept is baffling not because it is profound but because it is wrong.
Well, count me among those who find this strategy completely baffling.
Without exception, the students find the party scene baffling and uncomfortable.
That's what makes its existence in present form--and the lack of design improvements over however many decades--so baffling.
The book's contribution to musical knowledge is both nil and baffling.
Perhaps the nearest feeling is the immensely suffering and baffling connection between those living and those slowly dying.
If you cannot figure out other people, then such interaction must be intensely baffling and stressful.
These disorders are so baffling to family and friends.
Books opened up the world and fed his curiosity, as well as preventing him from dwelling on his often baffling ailments.
People's misguided claims, be them overt or subtle, are baffling.
Given that the number is virtually impossible to misdial, this traffic was baffling.
He soon found himself drowning in a sea of chemical nomenclature that, even to him, proved baffling.
Cases of autism, the baffling and often devastating neurological disorder that strikes in early childhood, are rising sharply.
In the end, the narrative plays out in ways that are both predictable and baffling.
Some feature does your bidding in a miraculous, baffling way.
Trying to figure out the healthiest way to eat keeps getting more baffling.
It may even let us unlock the baffling mystery of subatomic physics.
The answer that is baffling is how it got in the lungs.
If that was totally baffling, don't worry, you're in good company.
And muffling this, uh, jet stream can't be done by conventional methods of baffling the flow since it will choke off the exit.
Most people find such technical trivia baffling, however.
Many other jobs are allotted through a baffling system of regional quotas.
The move from minister to state company boss seemed baffling to many of his colleagues.
As a result, the role of the private sector in the plans is baffling.
To non-Canadians, the continuing appeal of the separatist cause looks baffling.
It contains modern, minimalist, vaguely baffling art.
They're the perfect antidote to the baffling binary of a switch.
For centuries, the precise design of the trireme has posed a baffling mystery.
For tech enthusiasts, the notion of millions of people willfully using a decade-old piece of software is baffling.
Being a surgical patient can be a bit baffling at times.
Tipping protocol can be baffling enough for parents.
Baffling shall be installed in a fashion that will permanently maintain the airflow from the vent.
New ideas that contribute to industry success and innovative solutions to baffling problems are the seminar's products.

Famous quotes containing the word baffling

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