bafflement in a sentence

Example sentences for bafflement

No wonder many people responded with bafflement and even anger.
We in medicine have watched all this mainly with bafflement, even indifference.
Most of them look at me with wide eyes, somewhere between panic and bafflement.
Yet amid that bafflement, you may end up intrigued as well.
Her first book, an experimental novel, caused bafflement.
It has become acceptable to simply ignore it, professing some mixture of doubt, bafflement and apathy.
Since the lyrics remain a bafflement, it might well be.
In both countries, the fires have left in their wake a sense of angry bafflement.
After years of bafflement, investigators now believe they have nearly cracked the puzzle.
The stories have in common a sort of bafflement, justified in the best ones by the fact that their burdens are truly mysterious.
Neither, to their eternal bafflement, could my family.

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