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Dark matter, the substance no one has ever seen, continues to baffle cosmologists.
To baffle opponents, grandmasters create new, unexpected openings not found in chess literature.
Economic statistics bemuse and baffle in equal measure.
No need for all the high brow long terminology baffle science too.
Many other common computer-age terms can baffle these programs.
Yet despite the country's remarkable transformation, it can still baffle foreign investors.
The first effect was to baffle and dismay the financial markets.
Even with the power of antibiotics, strep infections continue to baffle physicians.
The process baffled me then and continues to baffle me today.
What continues to baffle me is why anybody would ever have a trading account with these houses.
The ever multiplying list of special rights for learning disabilities students is really beginning to baffle me.
The secret is the second garbage can lid which acts as a baffle.
How thalidomide deforms limbs has continued to baffle scientists.
Such images may baffle interpretation, but they do not repel commentary.
Our eyes revel in contradictory effects that baffle our rational minds.
The bees never suspect his game, else by taking a circuitous route they could easily baffle him.
Even thousands of years after its construction began, the mysterious ruins continue to baffle scientists.
In fact anything regarding evidence-based claims seems to baffle them.
Clearly, this was the work of an alien intelligence, trying to baffle and confound our scientists.
Esoteric journalism is a contradiction in terms: literature, however, is permitted to baffle us.
Its subtleties baffle scientists and enrich perfume compounders.
He must baffle enemies by his bullying ironic composure.
The baffle water-jet then impinges on fuel rods and induces excessive rod motion, producing severe clad degradation.
The baffle rings should not be used when significant amounts of debris can be expected.
Between the lamp and the light meter there is a baffle to prevent the meter from seeing any direct light from the lamp.
The baffle arrangement on the apron represented the portion of the apron adjacent to the left sidewall.
Locating the clogged baffle drain before entering the tanker compartment allowed the baffle to be drained of trapped chemicals.
Behind the baffle, eight fans and four electric resistance heaters are installed.
In this example, the baffle extends only a few inches on either side and above the sprinkler.
The baffle plate extended from the ceiling of the booth downward to the middle of the exhaust inlet opening.

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