badminton in a sentence

Example sentences for badminton

They navigate via thick string taped to the floor of the badminton-sized court.
He loves to play badminton and often programs late into the night.
Depending on whom you ask, the structure resembles a tree or a badminton birdie with a golden egg at the top.
Badminton and checker te nis under expert instruction.
Metal frying pans were arranged next to plastic badminton racquets and rubber gloves.
If gardening for your supper doesn't appeal you can choose between wildlife-spotting, barbecues, badminton or croquet.
Life remained low-key within the weekend retreat for decades: tennis and badminton by day, cookouts on the beach at night.
On site activities include badminton and table tennis, and there is also a children's park with a playground and petting zoo.
On land, you'll find hiking trails along with volleyball and badminton courts, horseshoe pits and an indoor game arcade.
Open to the public, it's available for basketball, volleyball and badminton.
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