badger in a sentence

Example sentences for badger

They used to badger badgers, but have upgraded to hot dogs.
Badger politicians to implement this measure to limit greed.
The researchers also found the virus in a ferret badger.
The generously sized tub begs you to swirl in your badger brush, or scoop out a dollop with your fingers.
Judging by the size of the jaw, the animal might have been as large as a badger.
His food-sourcing methods have resulted in kitchen creations such as owl curry and badger stew.
It is the wisdom of the fox, that thrusts out the badger, who digged and made room for him.
He had the fighting instincts of a badger trapped by hounds.
If you wish to read the article, visit your local library or university, do not badger me about it.
It must have been a honey badger that killed his animals.
Badger picked for new endangered resources license plate.

Famous quotes containing the word badger

When you are about to badger the weak, Then imagine yourself before a more powerful man.... more
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