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But he couldn't hold back the wave of artists who turned the slur of kitsch into a badge of honor.
The visitor's badge has a microchip scannable at electronic checkpoints.
It was a badge of honor for some to brag about how much they supported billions of dollars of subsidies.
Denying the copious effects of population growth is the badge of courage of all true deniers.
He tutors me on how to display the badge and my driver's license for checkpoint inspection.
Kids will earn a special participation badge for each event they attend.
Powerful warlords began to follow his example by adopting the tea ceremony as a badge of refinement.
In a land where intellectuals are still cherished, publishing a book is a badge of seriousness.
He is wearing a white badge, which makes him trustworthy.
Bush-hatred is now something that civilised people wear as a badge of honour.
The industry once wore its unpopularity as a badge of honour.
They will not even open the door until you have placed your hand in a fingerprint scanner and flashed an electronic badge.
The red poppies sold to raise money for ex-servicemen, originally a symbol of loss, have become a badge of patriotism.
Also, the rear badge moonlights as both a trunk handle and a cover that keeps the rear view camera clean.
If you can't work out what to do, put a badge on it.
If you are advanced registered you can use the self registration terminals to print and pickup your badge.
Ignorance of these matters is not a failing to them, but a badge of honor.
Also, no one will give you a badge for guiltily clinging to months-old e-mails you still haven't gotten to yet.
Merely submitting work to it may be considered a badge of honor.
The physical rejection letter has become something of a badge of honor.
Which also means that you should wear your conference badge.
It's gotten so that some consider it to be a badge of honor.
The hall that is a highway for all the world by night and by day is the tenement's proper badge.
Both as poet and novelist, he bore the badge of singularity.
Poverty, their badge and typical condition, invites-compels it.
If the size of their house is the badge they'll sweat their heads off for that.
One wore a badge earned for excellence in her studies.
Twenty-two marshals, each with a pistol concealed beneath his suit coat and a badge on his pocket, guarded the various entrances.
As readers of the book can discover for themselves, it is not necessarily a badge of honor.
There's no simple badge of honor to congratulate the good companies and, by omission, chastise the bad ones.
Protecting against such attacks becomes a badge of honor.
Similarly, it's personal growth that employers and investors look for, which is why even a failed start-up is a badge of pride.
It was as if being the underdog was a badge of honor, a compliment.
He wore a star-shaped golden badge hitched to a belt finely tooled with wildflowers.
He began a sort of slow-motion minstrel shuffle, head bowed, badge swaying.
Using data from multiple receivers, the location of the badge could be triangulated.
Such a detector could be designed as a badge that requires no batteries.
The big idea behind the new fake rationality is so diffuse that it's useless, except as a cultural badge.
They should therefore be seen as a badge of rank, an indication of the status of their family within the community.
Sports became his badge and his escape in a family that struggled.
If you discover that your badge is lost or stolen, you are required to report it as such immediately.

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