bade in a sentence

Example sentences for bade

The American people bade a heartfelt farewell to their 38th president last week.
She smiled quietly, bade me fear nothing, and went her way.
He always needed time to collect himself, as he bade another season goodbye.
My ex-wife abhorred spiders, and bade me kill them at every opportunity.
After some expressions of good will on both sides, we bade each other good bye.
Each bade the panel a chipper "good morning," which the jury promptly returned.
She bade him good night.
The bade of the hilt unscrews to make the model more authentic.
After several weeks in a sanitarium he recovers and goes bade to his old routine.
She bade her sons remember this fact, and always defend the character of their grandfather.
He bade the messenger kneel by his bed, and whispered the message in his ear.
And when she might speak she bade him to be called to her.

Famous quotes containing the word bade

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