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There has never been a shortage of bad writers.
There are plenty of bad books.
It's believed that the ritual will wash away bad luck.
There is good news and bad news.
Don't be afraid of the big, bad wolf.
The warming Arctic could mean bad news for many animals.
Unfortunately, investors are repeating past bad behavior.
During my pre-flight briefing, there had been no mention of bad weather.
Few people are willing to tell their boss bad news.
Senate committee members were trying to make the executives look bad.
The hotels are betting that an occasional bad review is better than having no reviews at all.
Friendships can cause employees to overlook or not report bad behavior.
And if you die without an estate plan, you could leave a legacy of bad feelings and attorneys' fees.
After only two minutes, the pilot radioed that he was attempting to return because of bad weather.
The primary question, to be sure, is what can be done to shorten or alleviate these bad times.
The new season opens with a host of bad guys vying for power.
Under the bonus system, if they had a year when business was bad, then their bonuses would decline.
First the bad ideas must be weeded out and socially useful ones put in their place.
Then the bad people must be identified, especially those that are carriers of bad ideas.
Although counterintuitive, this makes perfect sense if that growth was achieved through bad investments.
On the other hand, to be bored is a bad habit, and one only too easy to fall into.
They held that it might have a bad effect on school spirit.
It is time to break the bad habit of expecting something for nothing, from our government or from each other.
The prophetic warning against the pulling down of all that is good in society with the bad.
He was not a play-goer, being of such fastidious taste that he was easily disgusted by the bad filling up of the inferior parts.
The first two are bad motives, the third a good, and the last a mixed one.
It's easy to feel bad when life kicks you in the shins.
It was so bad that the school librarian even called in my parents to express concern over my reading habits.
They chased bad guys, but they also had a telephone and a phonograph.
And shortstops know a bad bounce can blacken their eye.
Even tiny gardens often produce more fresh veggies than can be eaten-or even given away-before they go bad.
Was there any money for training the people in how to make food, because school food is basically as bad as military if not worse.
So while you want to believe that all of the bad things were done by the police and military, it isn't true.
It got so bad she had trouble walking and spent months on steroids.
And the speed of their purported ascent, through a week of consistently bad weather, seemed equally improbable.
Movie mummies are known for two things: fabulous riches and a nasty curse that brings treasure hunters to a bad end.
The result is a tiny gene pool that is saturated with bad traits.
In essence, this would be artificially crafting a bad market for shorting purposes.
For policymakers, a troubling part of this good jobs versus bad jobs question is that it's a bit of a false choice.
Or leaders may realise that the prospect of years of austerity is stirring bad blood.
Things are now so bad, he writes, that they're unlikely to get much worse.
That's too bad because that is the opposite of how the modern worker needs to feel about his work.
So there is a real risk that bad capitalism will spread in the coming decades.
People in a bad mood have better judgment and pay more attention to details.
How to tell the bad news from the really bad news.
There is an easy answer to this question, and it involves some good news and some bad news.
How a bird can discriminate between good art and bad.
Discovering why even bad habits can protect the brain.
The question is not whether acidification is happening, but how bad it will get.
The potential health benefits of drinking green tea are varied, ranging from preventing bad breath to protecting your heart.
But trying to ride a three-point streak is often bad strategy.
Not its so bad for you that you body even knows its bad for you.
Scientists are uncovering more and more evidence that the air in buildings can be bad for you.
If you stay on deck, where you have a good view of the horizon, you usually don't feel so bad.
For the bad and good have always been transcended, in my case.
Not only is that bad news for the fish, but it may be bad for the whole fish population.
Bread is bad for ducks as, apparently, they have trouble digesting it.
And you say kidneys excrete bad stuff which is totally true.
The boulder is the few pieces of bad data falling off the mountain of data that supports global warming.
Such planning should include the good, the bad and the ugly.
You'd think that evolution would weed out the bad seeds.
Structured procrastination is the art of making this bad trait work for you.
While that realization is bad for a romantic sense of my own life, it's good for getting things done.
If this is a new measure, you might consider whether there are there one or two bad items in the scale.
It seems that it will be fine for movies, and bad for photos.
It seeks to access disparate databases to find patterns of known bad behavior.
But credit-card companies have created a strange business, in which there's a fine line between good and bad customers.
No amount of personal diplomacy or bad acting would likely change that.
The manager had bad news: the lab was under orders, effective immediately, to stop handling such film.
But that's not a bad shorthand description of what's happened to the stock market over the past few weeks.
Over the weekend, two amazingly bad articles were published about climate change.
So basically it is exacerbating an already bad situation.
Unfortunately as a result of the current social and political climate these days a good bit of the content is bad news.
Ideology proclaimed that markets were always good and government always bad.
And it's too bad that the frequent bookings were partly to blame for the stuttering tempo.
We'll never forget the bad times, you know, but you have to celebrate the joy.
Something bad could be happening at the end of the path.
Police and counterculturists agreed that his record was almost too good-or too bad-to be true.
What's good, bad and happening, from pop culture to high culture.
Despite the bad economy, you can get the job you want instead of settling for one that simply pays the bills.
He describes them all so as to bring out their bad behavior.
Of course, bad teachers should be dismissed, and many are.
Test scores are low because there are so many bad teachers, whose jobs are protected by powerful unions.
After all, it may be good, it may be bad-you don't want to lose a whole morning over it.
It was no worse than many other such establishments: the food was bad, the building underheated, physical punishment the norm.
The electric shocks were not so bad, he told me, after the first few times: you got used to them.
Nowhere is this more apparent then with the problem of bad checks.
College is about stretching boundaries, about preparing for adult life, about learning from bad decisions.
It's wasteful, it's bad for the environment and it's bad for the soul.
One bad mussel in a pot can make them all bad because you'll smell it all the time you're eating it.
It's only too bad this series about collectibles is so, well, disposable.

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