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Pasteurization is supposed to kill all all the bacteria, good and bad.
Although dozens of Americans have been exposed to the bacteria, so far less than 10 people have contracted the disease.
There is a video game in which players fire antibiotic ammunition at bacteria.
Dangerous bacteria could be lurking in the water at the beach.
Rather than killing all bacteria, the products destroy only the weakest, leaving stronger ones to survive and multiply.
If you want to eat fruit, go with pineapple--its thick skin keeps it safe from pesticides, bugs and surface bacteria.
Most dishwashers don't reach the required temperature to kill all bacteria and spores.
In fact, bacteria use a system of viral transfer of genes to mutate their populations on a large scale.
Freezing stops some bacteria from growing, but others are perfectly happy to live in the freezer.
Raw organic milk has hundreds of times the bacteria of conventional .
Strange, adding bacteria to our wine when we'd gone to great lengths to keep bacteria from growing in it until now.
Keeping the plant too wet makes it easier for bacteria or fungi to establish themselves.
It breeds harmful bacteria-which they breathe and ingest while preening.
And knowing how ribosomes function can help researchers devise antibiotics to fight bacteria by attacking their own ribosomes.
There are many other viruses and bacteria that are known to be lethal for humans that would be suitable for their purpose.
Germs and bacteria are spread by contact, so it is important to wash your hands frequently.
Its mouth was infested with infectious bacteria that persist in modern birds.
Babies aren't born with the bacteria they need for digestion, though, so they eat the poo of adult hyraxes.
Severe weather, chemicals and bacteria were all ruled out as causes for the deaths.
The structures were not preserved bacteria or some other remnant.
Common wisdom has been that only bacteria living in oxygen-free areas can produce this conversion.
Pick a virus, bacteria or parasite and let it loose.
Its feces provide nutrients and bacteria in the canopy.
As the turtle's temperature rises, pathogenic bacteria that have lain dormant in its body also revive.
Scientists thought that only bacteria that live where there's no oxygen produced methane, a greenhouse gas.
Increasingly many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment, presenting a serious public health threat.
Each of us harbors a unique collection of bacteria, on our outsides and our insides.
The inside of the human body is a bacteria-free zone.
As every microbiologist knows, a good way to get bacteria to stay in an unchanged state is to freeze them.
Bacteria can swim and swarm, and left to their own devices on nutritious petri dishes some species will form remarkable patterns.
Infamous preservative may help defend against bacteria.
From their size, bacteria don't look the the sort of organisms to travel far.
As he observes, the experiments were performed on bacteria that live in the laboratory under highly controlled conditions.
Certainly gut bacteria and inflammation are intimately entwined.
In the world of bacteria and viruses, a strategy called molecular mimicry is common.
The evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is another.
Yet ponds risk contamination from bacteria and other organisms floating around in the wild.
Then the slope rises ever more steeply as bacteria proliferate until it reaches an inflection point.
As the permafrost thaws, bacteria start chewing up the organic matter it contains.
Researchers are now using the powerful tools of molecular genetics to understand how these bacteria produce disease, and why.
If bacteria does grow, further tests will be done to identify the specific type.
These bacteria make many animals sick, leading to miscarriage and stillbirth in domestic animals.
Imagine sticking some bacteria in the freezer and taking them out millions of years later to find that they are still alive.
Bacteria can change into more infectious and deadly organisms after a stint in space, a new experiment suggests.
Scientists have harnessed a group of naturally occurring bacteria to generate electricity from organic material in mud.
Other researchers suggest the crustacean could use the bacteria to combat toxic fluids that rise from the volcanic vents.
Staph bacteria are commonly carried by people on the skin or in their noses.
Billions of bacteria and fungi are ready to go to work making compost for you.
The bacteria use hydrogen sulfide as an energy source to produce carbohydrates for the worm.
Some bacteria, never seen before the discovery of the vents, use the gas for an energy source.
The plastic may also be hosting invasive bacteria or other species, researchers say.
When it comes to compost, bacteria are welcome guests.
The bacteria primarily cling to the intestinal walls in the bowels of the bowels-the colon.
Some of the cleaner fish eat the bacteria clinging to the ray's belly.
The fibers trap bacteria, which the crab may use as food.
Also found in the cave were bacteria that serve as the basic food source in the self-contained community.
Molds, bacteria, and fungi arrived the following year.
It's teeming with bacteria, and scientists say that the microbes play a powerful role in producing rain and snow.
The mix of bacteria living on an individual's fingertips.
Infectious bacteria have evolved through the loopholes in almost every drug we've created, thanks to our own misuse and overuse.
The bacteria didn't have to be alive to cause the problem.
In a control test, each strain of bacteria was simply propagated on its own.
The bacteria can cause high fever, abdominal pain and fatigue.
When an animal dies, the bacteria form spores, which are released.
The bacteria feeds off sugars in the mouth and forms an acid that begins to eat away at the enamel of the teeth.
Autopsies performed on infected bees have found almost every virus, bacteria, and pathogen known to affect bee health.
Bacteria compete with each other for limited resources.
Claims for all these bacteria are manifold and disputed, and come down to a matter of faith.
We've modified photosynthetic bacteria to enhance their ability to produce and excrete long-chain fatty acids.
Human wastes will have to be treated by bacteria in a closed sewage system.
Without any bacteria around they couldn't heal cuts in their skin.
Scientists have known for years that a group of tiny bacteria called listeria can cause illness in animals.
Six weeks later, when the broilers are carved up at the slaughterhouse, resistant bacteria spill out everywhere.
Because anthrax is rarely contagious, the exposures to the bacteria have been well contained.
Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites fill the air.

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