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Backwoods immediately begat backwoodsman and was itself turned into a common adjective.
He spun wild tales of his supposed poverty and backwoods ways, once claiming to have resorted to eating roadkill to survive.
Then reports started to come in from poor backwoods areas showing that consumers there were buying luxury goods.
The property features a rustic, backwoods country look, with maple paneling and mounted moose heads in the billiards room.
They drove him to a deserted corner of the backwoods and, after a struggle, chained him to the truck by his ankles.
Johnny kills the agent in this backwoods crime drama.
He fancied himself as a bit polished, a cosmopolite who happened to be stranded in a backwoods village.
Soon, the backwoods agrarian character changed to an early industrial base.
The backwoods trails are maintained but may be blocked by fallen trees or debris washed in during floods.
Many have been forgotten except by backwoods people.
Except in backwoods country and the western grazing lands, the use of horses is mostly confined to race tracks and bridle paths.

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