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With no deepwater port, this was a backwater economy.
If you desire a backwater town with a backwards school you will not get it there.
But this fleece-loving city that launched the grunge music movement and a national espresso craze is no backwater.
Some features can get buried in backwater sections of menu.
They find the buck in a backwater slough thrashing around in six feet of water, having broken through the ice.
He watched as medical genetics grew from a research backwater into a hot spot of medical inquiry.
Moan about how they can't get any pig's intestines, jellyfish or sea slugs to eat in this primitive backwater.
And that darker explanation may be more relevant now as more and more attention is being paid to the backwater town.
They didn't need to dilute their material for white listeners: the mainstream diverted itself to reach their fertile backwater.
Western governments are, however, worried that trouble may be brewing in this backwater.
So the growers have begun setting up road blocks in their backwater towns.
But the main reason this huge river has always been such a commercial backwater is the scanty population along its course.
It will be a backwater for you, your parents, and your children.
On the outskirts of this backwater a long-burning industrial fire is releasing toxic fumes.
She is attractive and middle-aged, and is quite content to spend her days performing in this obscure theatrical backwater.
Data was summarized by individual backwater for each species recorded.
Five sites were in backwater areas away from the river channel, and one site was on a natural levee near the channel.
When the wickets are raised or lowered an unsteady flow condition exists, causing backwater or freefall.
These major fluctuations in vegetation abundance could greatly influence the value of backwater habitats for fish.
Backwater areas provide excellent fishing opportunities.

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