backwash in a sentence

Example sentences for backwash

And they do run a risk of letting ideology backwash into their technical judgment.
At that point, it would still be trapped in the backwash generated by the solar wind, and might someday be caught and carried off.
Our makeshift campsite was blown to tatters by the backwash of the furious blades.
Many have little mesh windscreens that pop up behind drivers to prevent a backwash of air.
Membrane biological reactor treatment of a saline backwash flow from a recirculating aquaculture system.
When you need to backwash your pool filter or drain the pool, try to use the water to irrigate landscaping.
Backwash of the pressure filters is initiated when a predetermined pressure differential is reached.
Discharges of backwash water from water softening units.
Pre-piped internal backwash distributor and filtered water collector.
While relocating this pump, it is also recommended to provide additional support to the backwash piping.
Filter backwash is stored in a sedimentation tank over night and discharged the following morning.
The permit currently authorizes backwash disposal from a surface water treatment plant.
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