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Example sentences for backwards

There is no such thing as evolving in reverse or backwards.
It has short legs that, in the rear, point backwards to help it dig.
If the other player catches it successfully, the partners each take another step backwards.
They hover often, and also fly upside down and backwards.
They move in short spurts by closing their mantle quickly, ejecting water and jet-propelling themselves backwards.
The oar goes in the water and scoops fluid backwards.
He says a lot of people get it backwards because they don't realize what dogs really need.
Create a backwards web by drawing a line from each word back to an empty square in the middle.
But, when it comes to their dog, they do everything backwards.
Duct taped this backwards toward sole of boot for a few days.
Nobody would consider these firms backwards or not with-it in any way.
Since this is a trailing three-month average, it's important to remember that this calculation is more backwards looking.
So it might go backwards and forwards one or two times.
But the good news is that it didn't move backwards much.
Now we've gone so far down the ladder and backwards.
Deflection to the left gives him the same control backwards.
Such a response is to get the whole problem backwards.
They seem to have resulted in the vehicle's flying backwards.
But if you have a picture of detailed vegetation, and it looks better backwards, you should reverse it.
There has to be a serious error--somewhere--and working backwards he is determined to find it.
When they imagined no movement, the helicopter moved backwards.
The trickery is, unlike other authors at the time, he wrote his stories backwards.
Notable is the sunset scene over the antennas, which is actually the sunrise run backwards.
Sorry if someone's nifty spin or fancy doublespeak led you to get a couple things backwards.
If you fall through the ring, you could wind up backwards in time or perhaps on another universe.
In my experience as a firmware engineer, you've got the order of causes backwards.
For example, some people see time going forward and others see it going backwards.
They suggest that as soon as certain animals didn't need the light-focusing advantage, they dumped the backwards system.
At one point he becomes unstuck in time and watches a movie played backwards.
To answer that question, it's best to face backwards.
Snakes slid easily in the forward direction, but their scale friction resisted sliding backwards or sideways.
Recently, the scientists tried to run their experiment backwards.
In the mouse and chicken, the blade starts to grow backwards, extending down the trunk across the developing ribs.
As the tip draws up another column, the trapped water from the previous cycle is shoved backwards, and eventually swallowed.

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