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Factually, one can slow down time, but the speculation about going backward in time is premature.
The rear half of the skull consisted of a bony crest that grew straight backward.
But this is certainly not to say that vicious, backward, human-rights-abusing dictatorships are in general good for growth.
The seat can face forward or backward, and it angles to recline in five different positions, including prone when rear-facing.
Walk around while seeing the world upside down and backward.
Two decades later, the government-bond market is big but backward.
His conviction represented a huge backward step for science, as well as a harrowing ordeal for him and his estranged family.
Sometimes you have to go backward before you can clearly see how to move forward.
Evolutionary biologists have long wondered if history can run backward.
Here was proof that the civil-rights movement had not gone backward.
Penguins fall backward when they look up at airplanes.
Researchers can then work backward to pinpoint the time and place of the lightning.
For the dark prince of hacker fiction, looking backward is another way of seeing the future.
Some of the group's members worried that the move was a great leap backward.
It can help bring jobs to people in backward areas, when people in those areas will not go to the jobs.
The system resets every leap year, slipping a little bit backward until corrected by a century where no leap year is celebrated.
Spookiest of all were the clues embedded in songs played backward.
New changes may occur if the conditions were changed, but you can not actually go backward.
If you look backward in this business, you'll be crushed.
It often moves in more than one direction at a time and sometimes even moves backward.
The ball is thrown into the scrum and the players try to gain possession of it by kicking it backward toward their own side.
The standard also promises easy backward compatibility, which means new devices will work smoothly with older products.
Don't grab the arms of the chair or slide backward in it.
Perceiving a threat coming from behind, the fly moves its middle legs backward in preparation to launch forward.
If the car backfired, the engine could slip into reverse, forcing the crank backward sharply.
Anniversaries need to be forward as well as backward looking.
Looking backward is not to retreat into the past but to prepare for the future.
It has been a matter of two steps forward, one and three-quarters steps backward.
They then close, keeping blood from flowing backward.
They then ran backward and forward along the paper, trying to escape.
The as-yet-unobserved particles travel backward in time, some physicists speculate.
Don't believe your own memory, it only works backward.
Straighten left leg, then pull it backward from the hip.
Maybe it's a fond backward glance as the end of the century approaches.
During this testing, each player performed tasks such as counting backward and placing objects in order.
Fives are not equal and every human must look backward over earlier mistakes.
Some nation or tribe which is at once backward and remote may make a temporary stand against it.
It gives disproportionate clout to small, backward provinces.
He wears his baseball cap backward and speaks in a piping, unbroken voice.
They need to consider this as something synthetic and backward engineering will tell them the rest of the story.
The country is dirt-poor and technologically backward.
But start going backward along the gaming timeline and the information starts to thin.
The suggestion that this technology is better suited to urban areas seems backward to me.
Airplane security seems to forever be looking backward.
We're still heading straight up, but the ship is flying backward.
Air punches me in the face, and the recoil shoves me backward.
He began following the elevation, working backward toward the hills.
The question invites looking backward as a way to think about the future.
Professors need to identify specific employment goals for graduate students and work backward to structure a curriculum.
And the people hammering out the formula for the new college are working backward from that solution.
There is something unhealthy and backward about the belief that children are an impediment to scholarly advancement.
And following the caisson was a riderless horse, empty boots turned backward in the stirrups.
It is so obvious to me that it is a backward step for the country.
But the cultural programme in the afternoon is resolutely backward-looking.
The backward-looking part of the plan has to do with the new city's appearance.
She hits the ground, tumbles backward, and flops to one side.
The sudden movement along the fault causes the ground to move forward and backward, heave up and down, or shift from side to side.
The thrasher then throws these items into its throat and gullet with a small, backward movement of its head.
If a trainer bent backward and lifted a leg, dolphin would turn on its back and lift its tail in the air.
The result should show marked improvement in skating and puck handling, both for forward and backward movement.
Cal has a backward system for issuing concealed pistol licenses.
He turns from the shower head and bends backward, so that the stream can pour over his face.
My father walked to the kitchen backward, pulled a bottle of bourbon from a shelf, and drank from it straight.
The idea was not to move forward but to resist going backward, ideally while performing lots of fancy tricks.
The reader must consciously take a step backward to realize why these events are accompanied by a vague sense of horror.
It is only the backward glance, the gaze up the long vista of the past, that reveals anything alarming.
In some respects, texting is a giant leap backward in the science of communication.
In any modernized country, the backward-looking party will always tend toward resentment and grievance.
Every word was misspelled, the sentences were backward, the font was different.
So basically what they need is frequent brushing, backward brushing.
Imagine your whole day lived backward, from beginning to end.
The case studies, with their sad old appearance, were of a piece with this backward-looking aesthetic.
At one stage he was parked in a school for backward children.
It is the first ever found with both a long, backward-pointed head crest and slender sharp teeth.
The muscle acts as a hip extensor, pulling the hip backward, and provides good alignment for tree climbing.
Because these metals decay at a steady rate, an astute observer can extrapolate backward and pinpoint the star's moment of birth.
It may record time so that our brains recall events in backward order.
Another factor of the granny shot also helps a free throw win cheers rather than jeers: a backward spin added to the ball.
Working backward through history and connecting effects with obscure causes is easy when you have detailed records.
Polio is back with a vengeance, especially in backward countries where vaccinations are often regarded with suspicion.
Opponents say that's backward: voting means little to an immigrant who hasn't earned citizenship.
Or you're one of those people who can't tell a silly mid-off from a backward square-leg.

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