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Geothermal can meet that, without any need for auxiliary storage or a backup system.
Advance planning and backup systems allow colleges to recover data.
Computer servers need costly extra layers of backup.
When the going gets tough, for instance, some dolphins call for backup.
To date, no backup capacity for wind energy has been added.
We might need to use our backup plan for watermelon, too.
Provides backup facility oversight and coverage outside of normal work hours as required.
At present there are no backup boats, which means the fleet is pushed to its limit.
Even if the repairs had gone as planned, switching to the backup formatter involves some risk.
Why aren't they using steam from the residual heat to drive generators in a backup system.
Nothing you do with a computer will ever be as important as making a solid backup.
Networked-drive storage systems typically include automatic backup software.
Even if the computer crashed, there is a backup in cyberspace.
The extra cost of paying for private security and backup generators can upend a business model.
The craft also unexpectedly switched over to its backup electronics and shut off one of its batteries.
Included software allows you to set a backup reminder, so you can't pretend you forgot to plug it in.
For a reporter, the backup catcher has a unique perspective in a baseball clubhouse.
In the spring, a user's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of backup.
Backup tapes kept off-site preserved the records of deposits and balances.
Having a natural gas backup generator at your house would be interesting.
That's long enough to fire up the city's backup diesel generators and restore the power supply.
Although it had three backup diesel generators, two were out of service for periodic maintenance.
Give a copy of the information to a partner or friend as a backup.
Try asking your cell provider for backup on your data usage charge then measure the awkward silence that follows.
Permits are limited in each area, so if you plan to camp on a peak weekend in summer, have a backup site and itinerary in mind.
Battery backup for people living off-grid is really important.
The backup spends his days in the shadow of the famous quarterback.
Coal plants themselves, he says, can provide backup for fickle wind turbines.
Switching to backup electronics brought the instrument back online after several days of inactivity.
When you work to backup your premise you have already defeated scientific method.
Remember to backup files and make small changes to single items rather than deleting in batches.
Software that does offline backup of the cloud is a worthwhile investment.
She progressed to work on movie soundtracks and singing backup for recording artists.
The system should also allow replacement by hand, or power plug reloading, as a backup.
They failed to properly construct and secure backup systems for the entire plant.
In fact, the eggs might provide a valuable backup food source as polar bears are forced to end their seal hunts early.
But, since wind energy is reliant on the variance of wind being present, a backup system is required.
The backup plan is to add thermal energy until the dams can be finished.
Such airships can even carry backup fuel cell and hydrogen gas too.
Sid wouldn't need a sewer backup to be blasted out of the kitchen sink.
My experience is that what makes these products different isn't the hardware--it's the backup software that comes with it.
Don't be the student who comes to my office crying because he or she has lost a major essay due to a lack of backup.
For this reason, you should probably be obsessive about backup.
Her backup position was that she believed if she wrote unreadable briefs she would have a better chance of winning the case.
For solar you have to have battery backup storage and a good location.
In fact, many external drives come packaged with easy-to-use backup tools that can be executed with the push of a button.
It gives the teachers backup from the administration that way.
Have a backup plan for other things you can do and don't take out any loans.
She responded to say that she hadn't gone to the fire but was at the station as backup and to help with post-fire cleanup.
Hardware has to be robust, usually requiring backup systems.
He hunched over the radio for details as he buckled on his gun belt, intending to drive to the scene to provide backup.
All redaction will be done with the new copy, preserving the original as a backup b.
With peak demand lower, utilities would no longer have to hold as much expensive backup capacity.
When they decelerate, they spit the power back out, providing an uninterruptible backup energy supply.
The incubator prototype functions using electricity, but has a motorcycle battery as a backup in case the lights go out.
And when those meal plans go awry, there's always buttered toast as backup.
If the work line fails, then you have the safety line as a backup.
Fortunately, she had backup matches to light her stove, and so should anyone else who walks into the wild.
We got four backup singers and two go-go dancers, who were fun but seemed to be dancing at a different concert.
Reactors rely on two sets of control cabling, a primary and a backup.
And when you backup your computer, you also backup your cloud.
Another piece of my transportation system that involved both the public and private sector was my backup plan.
Replacing the gas backup with green storage adds a further buck and half.
Solar and wind are intermittent and need backup storage.
Your earlier suggestion of using electric car batteries for grid backup storage was demolished in an earlier forum.
The cost of renewables is well over a buck and half a kwh when the gas backup is replaced with green storage.
It is a fluctuating energy source that requires backup from fossil fueled power plants.
Some believe that the multiple pathways act as a backup system to protect certain functions in case of injury.
Maybe the backup having a back injury had something to do with it.
It is important to establish a presence there to have a backup when our sun becomes a red giant in a few billion years.
Modern microchip designers have numerous digital backup copies of their work.
There is no follow-up after the initial defeat, because they literally don't have any backup.
With his other hand, he is speed-dialing for backup on his cell phone.
Generators are on standby to provide backup electricity.
At a polo match she was spotted with a two-way radio in case she required backup.
Backup batteries will give you enough time to shut down your system, but you can forget about finishing that presentation.
The batteries could be used as backup power supplies for data centers or for communities that are prone to power outages.
Or users may want to store the same data in multiple clouds for backup.
So you need some backup plant that can keep the population from freezing during these periods.
Storage decreases the need for utilities to invest in backup power for smoothing out variations in power.
With these, and a pair of crutches for backup, a user can walk around.
All the nations of the world need a backup to the dollar, euro, yen and such.
For one thing, there is always somebody on-site monitoring equipment and standing by with a backup rifle if things get messy.
The questions of security, connectivity, backup and actual geographic location of hardware all need to be addressed and answered.
That's why there were no drums, no backup singers and no expectations.
Now every aspiring musician has a backup band in their pocket.
To prevent such mishaps, today's reactors have backup systems and backups to the backups.
Below is a list of the different types of files and the tools which can be used to backup and recover each type.
It is the agency's responsibility to deposit and report backup withholding.
Solar water heating systems almost always require a backup system for cloudy days and times of increased demand.
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