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When paint is dry, peel off sheet's backing and position the stencil on the pot where you want it.
Secure mementos or seasonal elements to backing with glue dots or tape.
Peel backing off slowly, checking to make sure the design transferred.
Peel the backing off the contact paper and stick the design on the globe, smoothing out as many bubbles as possible.
Remove the protective backing on the double-stick tape on the top edge and affix the film to it.
Griffin's division in backing to get out of the way of a severe cross fire of the enemy was found marching away from the fighting.
They only serve to make him more reckless, for he knows that the political backing that has saved him in the past can do it again.
Businessmen backing the yes vote held celebratory street parties.
He is backing new high-speed rail lines, which could provide some immediate demand for manufacturers.
Greenies need to realize that they are backing a cause that is harming other people.
Some customers, however, might soon be backing out of purchase agreements due to financial troubles.
If you are backing up your system regularly, your media should last indefinitely.
Theories are tentative, they only become laws or principles after proven backing of solid evidence that can be replicated.
If you know you need a better system for backing up your files.
The dispute has been going on for almost a year, but there are no signs of the university's backing down.
Instead, the project will rely on private-sector backing.
Start at the top of the map and carefully peel one corner from its backing.
Recycled paperboard is processed into more paperboard, paper towel rolls and even paper backing for roof shingles.
The backing vocal harmonies that set them apart from their cohort.
They also had a long record of backing safe mortgages.
It is exactly that sovereign backing that financial markets are now questioning and that is missing from the design.
Not all biofuels companies are backing off from biofuels though.
The government does have a record of backing some notorious energy failures.
Cameras on the rear side of the car could also help people backing out to see cars in the street hidden from the driver's view.
Yet despite a few archival projects, no one is backing up our collective disk.
To add insult to injury, the oil industry also receives a gigantic military backing.
Only a thin biodegradable backing is left behind, and it washes away in water.
The electric motor is used for low speeds, idling and backing up.
Occasionally, forcible sedation was needed to keep the patient from backing out at the last minute.
Blood returning to the heart was backing up, resulting in fluid buildup in her lungs and making her short of breath.
The difference between the right and everyone else is that the right doesn't have actual evidence or actual facts backing them.
Film is basically a lot of silver halide crystals suspended in gelatin on a plastic backing.
Backing off, he asked that the surgical attending--his boss--be called.
Part of being a scientist is testing ideas and backing up your claims with data.
They latch onto anything they can use since they don't have anything real backing them.
The poor guy didn't even have the camaraderie of a backing band that night to ease the pain.
The fur on the animals' limbs and heads was applied to a latex backing that was stretched over the puppet.
But the problem for him is that he cast a net so wide looking for backing and money.
The high quality line of sun protection creams, sprays, and wipes has science backing it up.
In the past, power was guaranteed by a large military backing, but it now stems from knowledge and information.
But he was not about to launch into a film as expensive as this one might be without studio backing.
He turned into the restaurant parking lot and started backing into a space.
And we're starting to see that in the bond markets backing up at unprecedented rates.
The backing up of water through a conduit or channel in the direction opposite to normal flow.
Recycled-content carpet and backing, recycling old carpet, and carpet leasing.
Injuries can result from the backing of school buses.
Turn and look over your right and left shoulders before you begin backing.
Vaughn lost a five year old nephew when he was struck by a local delivery truck that was backing up.
While backing, look over your right shoulder toward the back of the vehicle.
When your vehicle is within the white lines, straighten your wheel and continue backing in until you reach the curb.
If a clog occurs, the backflow valve will stop the sewage from backing up into your house.

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