backhanded in a sentence

Example sentences for backhanded

Do not deliver any of your manipulative, backhanded, pathetic apologies that are more abusive than your lies.
Is there a more backhanded compliment than calling a book.
What a backhanded compliment-one stereotyped caper movie stacked up against another.
It is a cynical and backhanded means of pressuring the workers to accept austerity measures.
That's one small blessing, and one giant backhanded compliment.
But his exaggerated composure amounts to a kind of backhanded liveliness.
It's the first real sign of ordinariness in an otherwise inventive film, so its conspicuousness is almost a backhanded compliment.
But the film seems to have a backhanded nostalgia of its own.
And that's intended as a compliment, however backhanded it sounds.
Respondent denied that she backhanded the patient, but did admit to hitting her on the arm.
Finally, opponents of our concept will say that this is a backhanded attempt at regulatory reform.
And that the chairman's backhanded swipe at it in his opening statement is not justified.

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I've been complimented for my scorekeeping, and sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's a backhanded compl... more
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