background music in a sentence

Example sentences for background music

If you want to dramatize the moment with sound, that's what the background music is for.
The voice track was dropped and the background music elevated.
There is background music, and there is listening music, and for me it is important not to confuse the two.
The unobtrusive hum of this background music also matches the film's meandering pace, which struggles against a narrative block.
The company also pays bands to let their work be syndicated to restaurants and other establishments as hip background music.
The software could keep e-mail at bay if the user is concentrating, or select background music to suit different moods.
And one thing that has definitely gone in the other direction is the background music.
The crashing surf makes good background music for a torrid affair straight out of a romance novel.
Though the whole movie was gripping, what stands out is background music.
The laid back setting features cushioned bench seating and soft background music.
The common rooms brim with books, fireplaces and background music.
The action is already engrossing as is, but the added background music makes for a truly exhilarating experience.
The small speakers in the bottom right corner do a fine job of providing the game's background music.
The boat's lounge plays recorded jazz background music for a more subdued atmosphere.
He plugs it in for background music while watching game tape and while working in his office.
Scene opens with background music and a shadow creeping over a hill at sunset.
Scene opens with background music and butterfly flying over a country scene.
The messages may consist of words with background music.
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