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The idea is that no matter what goodness someone tries to bring into the world, the intentions will ultimately backfire.
However, new research into one threatened animal suggests that the approach can sometimes backfire.
Something as simple as requiring bicyclists to wear helmets can backfire in surprising ways.
Few romantic come-ons backfire more humiliatingly than come-ons picked up from books or movies.
Moving too quickly on alternative fuels could backfire, says one expert on ethanol fuels.
And it suggests, surprisingly, that offering material incentives in exchange for sacred values may backfire badly.
In the case of malaria, however, that defense mechanism may backfire.
But these approaches can backfire by changing people's stories in unintended ways.
But the new study suggests that this strategy is likely to backfire.
By certifying species as endangered, government programs can backfire.
But such maternal tolerance can backfire, scientists now say.
Some experts worry that the rollout strategy could backfire.
However, the hype can backfire and mirror neurons may lose their specificity.
By certifying species as endangered, government programs can backfire.
Reminding low achievers of the importance of a task may backfire.
First of all, there is no need to do such a thing anyway, and second it will backfire as does all these schemes.
But the gamble may backfire, politically and strategically.
The word does have deprecatory and patronizing connotations that occasionally backfire.
The article could easily backfire, he warned me, with the public or other doctors.
While retention and graduation rates are important metrics, placing too much emphasis on these factors may well backfire.
Then there are instances when digital heckling seems to backfire.
He cautioned, however, that even the best-intentioned approaches to bullying can backfire.
And even government-financed research trips can backfire.
But a new study suggests that despite its popularity, this particular brand of self-help may backfire badly.
But the information drop was an epic backfire and helped spawn opposition groups that exist to this day.
It's that it will backfire with all of its potential audiences.
It's a striking example of how poorly researched strategies can backfire.
No but there's a possibility that tactic would backfire.
It's a good idea, but it could backfire in the setting that you have to work with.
It's funny to see rhetorical questions backfire when answered honestly.
If that's what he is waiting for, it'll likely backfire on him.
Donating loudly so that people will change what they think of you actually tends to backfire.
But sometimes the idea can backfire, as some shoppers discovered.
The propeller starts with a bang, a backfire, and a cloud of smoke that envelops the plane.
And besides, any ban you impose will likely backfire.
But militarizing our approach to policing is an idea that could backfire in a hurry.
Of course, even the best-laid algorithms can backfire.
The secrecy can also backfire in other ways, according to the report.
Even when decisions are made they sometimes seem to backfire.
The pitfall, though, is that conflating immigration reform and border security may backfire.
On the other hand, aggressive tactics could backfire.
But the authorities' uncompromising stance could backfire.
But he warned it could backfire if politicians fritter away whatever time the central bank has bought.
But then toss out the idea entirely, because it's sure to backfire horrendously.
And it can backfire if displays disguise rotten food or too much choice overwhelms customers.
But the strategy of waiting for the government to self-destruct may backfire.
Advertisers insist that a widespread move to ban children's ads would backfire.
They should not abandon it for the sake of political posturing that might anyway backfire.
In guns, backfire is an explosion toward the the breech rather than the muzzle of a firearm.
Backfire flame control devices are designed to prevent open flame from leaving the carburetion system in the event of a backfire.
The damaged distribution gear teeth were consistent with damage found after an engine experiences a backfire.
Fire crews ignite a backfire downwind along the fire break and let the fire slowly burn toward the center of the site.
However, some water-quality experts argue that this strategy can backfire and actually harm water resources.
Hiding your true intentions could backfire if someone suspects you have ulterior motives.
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