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Now, backed by the enveloping curves of a stone-filled wire-mesh wall, this part of the yard feels cozy.
Water streams into a stone basin backed by lavender and pink penstemon.
Or simply enjoy the view of blue water backed by mossy, green trees.
Each frame starts with a ready-made open-backed cube or shadow box deep enough to hold a small saucer.
Some of the best-conceived enterprises, backed by abundant capital and goodwill, have been wrecked on this rock.
He faced her, keeping his eyes upon her, and backed off.
When either the setter or the pointer came to a stand, the other generally backed him.
Also, the accusations about him are never backed by facts--they are made up by people who are envious of his great success.
The general seemed momentarily persuadable, then quickly backed away.
Oil lamps backed by mirrors eventually offered a bit more candlepower.
None of these points are discussed in detail or backed up with sufficient evidence.
Thinking it was smoke backed up from the fireplace she turned on a fan.
Many herbs are effective and are backed by studies and trials.
When stoppages have occurred over the years, blood from the plant has backed up into area residents' bathtubs.
The company is one of a new breed of venture-capital-backed startups seeking to make money by partnering with existing colleges.
Had they backed up their material online, losing their laptops wouldn't have meant losing their work.
Proponents of the plan backed off after street protests were held in the city.
The bonanza in mortgage-backed securities helped create a glut of new homes that did little to promote long-term growth.
Well, of course not: it was a failure of mortgage-backed securities, there had to be mortgages there somewhere.
Now it is backed by the promises of central bankers.
For those firms owned or backed by their home governments, there are other considerations besides commercial ones.
Past studies have backed that idea, too, but now researchers are refining the picture.
These explanations are not mutually exclusive, and both have been backed by a variety of studies.
Too often, government-backed programs are widely adopted before they are adequately tested.
Any way your article is indeed backed by pains taking experiments.
These aren't opinions, they are backed by tons of empirical data.
Efforts to integrate storage into electric grids continue to struggle as a federally backed flywheel company goes bankrupt.
We believe that the vast majority of what physicians do is backed by solid science.
None of your anti-renewable energy screed is backed up by either reality or proof.
String theory, as strange as it might seem, is backed by sound mathematics.
It was a far-reaching idea, and one that's now backed by a wonderful variety of colorful examples.
So the researchers piggy-backed on the procedure by giving three patients language tests.
It would be helpful if such statements were backed up by some reference to factual data so that the reader can form an opinion.
One day this will all be backed up visually and scientifically.
Every discipline has its own theoretically backed framework.
It was roughly half the size of the market for mortgage-backed securities, and a number that would impress people.
But during the turbulence of the second intifada no one ever backed off.
In the face of a public outcry, the mayor's office backed down.
Their views seemed to be backed up by the fact that gas consumption continued to rise.
Conventional solar cells are backed with a sheet of aluminum.
Today's solar cells are backed with a metal layer, typically aluminum, to reflect light.
Even if you've backed up your data, it's inaccessible until you upload it to a replacement system.
That's a big jump that is not backed up by their calculations but an interesting conjecture nonetheless.
The team's test digs have backed up their imaging findings.
Your political views should be inconsequential if your proposals are backed by facts.
Backed by this well-earned credibility, his audacious ideas are sparking fascination and taking flight.
While this relationship will need to be backed up by more studies, it's intriguing.
What her approach consisted of was to demand that any claim made by a student be backed with a citation in the literature.
The manufacturers fought that, calling it a scare tactic, and the government backed the industry.
Yet her contention, backed up by research, that motherhood is a burden seldom embraced unconditionally has profound implications.
Their saliva even backed up their claims, for it contained less testosterone.
The backed-up blood makes the intestine swell, in turn strangling more blood vessels.
Most importantly, they need the tools to be able to distinguish a robust answer from one that isn't backed by any solid arguments.
Rational debate does not consist in making claims not backed by evidence.
The reason this is the root os that so much of the top end investment banking relied on mortgage backed securities.
It's leveraged to untold amounts and backed by untold debt.
When there is no longer any debt, there will no longer exist any securities backed by the full financial capability of government.
Dorsey stood, straight-backed and incredulous, the first time it happened.
They backed a series of legal challenges to the trade center, which held up the project for several years.
People sat here and there in broken-backed kitchen chairs, sipping tea under the shade of bamboo and burlap.
Ancient health care systems might not be backed by modern research, but that doesn't mean they aren't scientific.
In addition to its mutual-fund research, it has been rating commercial-backed mortgage securities.
And the payment reduction would only apply to what you pay on your government-backed loans.
When many borrowers were unable to pay their mortgages, the securities backed by the mortgages quickly lost value.
Countries with fast food chains that piggy-backed on the corn boom have become more efficient eaters.
Outlook on venture-backed initial public offerings more.

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