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Backcountry camping is allowed throughout the park's wilderness area.
Normally, a camper has to choose between the whimsy of cooking over an open fire and the efficiency of a backcountry stove.
OK, you've got one snowboard for the park and another for backcountry powder.
He has invited me to this sunbaked backcountry to experience it myself.
Several flavors of light sport aircraft range from planes capable of landing on water to those designed for backcountry runways.
Backcountry snowmobiling is more of an adventure than your regular snowmobiling trip because of the lack of people.
Experience the beauty of nature away from the buzz of the modern world by planning a backcountry backpacking trip.
These range from big campgrounds with many amenities and visitor facilities to remote backcountry sites far from any road.
Pets are not allowed at the campsites, nor are they permitted in the park's backcountry.
All backcountry campers need to obtain a permit before setting up at their site.
Whistler is known for the expansive terrain not only within its borders but also outside of them in the backcountry.
Campers should bring their own water, since no potable water can be found in the backcountry areas.
Secure a backcountry permit for a campsite in the backcountry.
All backcountry campers must obtain a permit before setting out on their trip.
The park requires a permit for all backcountry hikes, which can be obtained at the ranger station.
Because horses can cover so much ground in a day, riding allows you to access areas of the backcountry not practical for a hike.
As such, tight restrictions exist on dispersed camping and backcountry travel.
To ensure that you are able to hike during your desired time, apply for a backcountry permit up to four months in advance.
Although leashed pets are allowed inside the park, they may not go into the backcountry.
Safety training also introduces the wilderness traveler to other backcountry hazards.
The surrounding wildlife refuge, a favorite with birders, offers backcountry camping.
Ride through backcountry, rugged terrain, forests and red bluffs and discover secluded ponds and meadows.
The contest is meant to embody natural riding at a resort with a backcountry element to it as well.
Refreshingly light on gear, once you've learned the basics, your workout can travel with you-even into the backcountry.
For such a backcountry park, only a backcountry lodge will do.
She spent her days crisscrossing remote backcountry, territory closed to visitors and rarely traveled even by locals.
He has also written features on subjects ranging from sports-talk radio to backcountry skiing.
Together they strum, pick, and sing their way through the backcountry.
Naturally, this being a national park, there are the usual campgrounds and backcountry options.
All overnight trips in the backcountry require a permit.
Download the backcountry trip planner for more details.
By observing the guidelines below, your venture into the backcountry should be safe and enjoyable.
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