backbreaking in a sentence

Example sentences for backbreaking

Seafaring in the age of sail was backbreaking work and fraught with peril, but the sailor's real scourge was scurvy.
By any measuring stick, it was grueling, backbreaking work.
He populated his stories with downtrodden characters fatalistically conditioned and controlled by their backbreaking labor.
Why we're filling the malls even as backbreaking energy costs and other ills shrink our spending power.
It was backbreaking, discouraging toil, with the dogs soon weakening and becoming difficult to handle.
They learn that picking cotton is backbreaking work.
Both of these devices are horrible backbreaking operations.
Machines, equipment, and chemicals now perform tasks formerly completed in a backbreaking manner.
The creek possessed only coarse gold, so this backbreaking labor resulted in marginal gains.
Laborers on these farms performed backbreaking work for little pay, and lived in poor conditions in migrant worker camps.
But with costs going up as much as they have, the cost of getting that degree is backbreaking and it's only getting worse.
The aide provides the backbreaking work of bathing, grooming, and dressing as well as light homemaking and laundry.
As a cement finisher, he did backbreaking work to put food on the table for the family.
It was slow, backbreaking work that resulted in low productivity and many crew members developing back strain.
The loneliness of the prairie, the deprivation he finds, and the backbreaking work add to his distress.
The work was backbreaking, and fatigue was a fact of life.
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