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Along with hardy evergreen conifers, tough deciduous trees and shrubs form the garden's backbone.
Treat them as the backbone of a border combined with perennials, annuals, and herbs.
Cut off head and tail and remove fish from backbone.
Tuna fishing and tuna processing plants are the backbone of the private sector, with canned tuna the primary export.
She is heartened by the continued interest in and commitment to the art form, which is the backbone of the magazine.
Meanwhile, the wolves have shown a high incidence of a backbone malformation from inbreeding.
It's because the discs between your backbone's vertebrae shrink.
No bigger than a housefly, the new species is the smallest known animal with a backbone, a new study says.
Bands incorporate various adopted instruments such as the ukulele-the backbone of the string band-guitar and banjo.
Jellyfish are invertebrates and don't have a backbone.
These apps have also become the backbone of social media marketers.
The external tank is actually the backbone of the whole shuttle system.
They form the backbone of academic social-science data collection in our nation.
Many admissions deans describe the companies' databases as the backbone of their recruitment process.
She supports the system of peer review that forms the backbone of the accreditation system.
It will require money to make sure that our computer backbone doesn't break.
Until your administration develops a backbone, the problem will only grow worse.
Administrators do not have the backbone to stand up to a perceived threat.
If higher education is unable to be secure in what it once did so admirably and with backbone, perhaps it is time for its demise.
Huge amounts of data that were once impossible or too expensive to collect will become the backbone of entirely new services.
Now they are being slammed for showing some backbone and for being right.
Their aggregate entrepreneurship is the backbone of the economy.
As a group, they are meant to be the backbone of the market economy.
The second problem is that livestock farming, the backbone of the economy, is in trouble.
Garment exports, the economy's backbone, have plummeted.
Services, the backbone of all modern economies, are underdeveloped.
We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something.
He was the emotional backbone of our team that year.
We use these words as the backbone to a life spent defending something.
Security was never designed into be backbone structure.
It is a major concern to think that the study results are effected by the pharmaceutical companies financial backbone.
To improve this, the grid itself has to be updated with what's being called a high-voltage backbone spanning the country.
Oil and gas are the backbone of the chemical industry.
No mention of that in this article, makes the article lack backbone.
Have more bachelor and master degree courses, they make up the backbone of the scientific community.
The system needs a backbone, and so do the politicians.
They don't have enough backbone and self-discipline to quit looting the kitty.
And let's see oil executives show some backbone by identifying the real perpetrators of these accidents.
There is still talent evident, but the backbone has rotted away.
Rose, coriander, and honey became the backbone of the dish.
Rather than providing the backbone of a civil society, these former loyalists helped ensure its failure.
He performed an awkward upward stroke with grace, cleaving one half from the backbone, and began cutting off customers' orders.
Yet the backbone of any new power grid has to be powerful, consistent in both supply and price, and available fairly soon.
Because constant growth is the backbone of evolution.
It would seem drug companies need to grow a backbone and stand up for scientific results and keep their vaccines on the market.
At present, the guitar seems to fit in more as a solid backbone of the chord sequence and the songs.
All are intended to add a stronger artificial intelligence backbone to the company's speech recognition software.
Fossil fuels are the backbone of economies worldwide, so governments spend a lot to support them.
Phyllis was our backbone in administrative support, and always one step ahead in finding ways to make other people's jobs easier.
It's not the ideal solution, but thermal power will remain the backbone of our electricity grid for the foreseeable future.

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