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Example sentences for babysitter

One of my kids became obese due in part to a babysitter who allowed him to refuse my healthy lunches and fed him candy instead.
They were not called the babysitter dogs for nothing.
He encouraged her to hire a babysitter, even a live-in if that would be helpful.
There she worked as a hotel maid and as laundress and babysitter.
Find some tips for precautions you should take before choosing a babysitter.
Remind the babysitter to keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat and lid down when not in use.
Fill out the babysitter information sheet and keep it with you at all times.
My babysitter refused to provide me with her social security number.
In making decisions about who is an acceptable babysitter, consider not only age, but maturity.
The computer can be a valuable learning tool, but is not a good babysitter.
Participants will receive a starter babysitter's backpack.
If you use a babysitter, bring the same information along with the signature of the babysitter.

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In a number of other cultures, fathers are not relegated to babysitter status, nor is their ability to be p... more
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