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Example sentences for babble

Don't be so short that you're incomplete, but don't babble on either.
The characters babble in chipmunk voices, spouting dialogue that is mostly scripted but seems improvised.
They babble on as if the user were in a magical state of attentiveness.
Now consider its modern heir: the babble about towers spouted by architects.
The background babble in my train seemed to change according to the language of the signs on the train platforms slipping by.
We could use more real information and less feel good babble.
Once again, however, her relentless babble was tiring rather than stimulating.
If they could speak it would undoubtedly be babble to us, but within their own realms they seem to converse harmoniously.
Truth drugs tend to make suspects babble as much falsehood as truth.
Only once, when he was asked about his family, did he pause in his excited babble.
Granted, if you believe the web is already overfreighted with babble, this prospect will fill you with dread.
Non-techie readers will be happy to know that the book is not heavy on techno-babble.
Wow, this contains several misconceptions, all in one easy-to-babble sentence.
And as with any language, people learning it must babble for a while before they achieve eloquence.
Eventually they babble, and then start to speak, and then you never hear the end of it.
Yelling techno-babble is more fun then doing the research of facts.
Above the babble of the actors' voices comes a piercing wail.
Sit on the floor so eye to eye is easy for her and let her babble, ask her what she thinks and listen to what she says.
But one northern professor confesses he no longer understands the babble in the corridors.
Maybe it's babble, and it's certainly boilerplate, but it's boilerplate that corresponds with my intractably naive preferences.
They may communicate with senseless and irrational babble and their speech may be impaired.

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