bâle in a sentence

Example sentences for bâle

Mechanical reapers became even more efficient when adapted to bale the stalks into sheaves, too.
If their theory is correct, they're no longer searching for a needle in a haystack-merely a needle in a bale of hay.
We bought a bale of straw and left it in the backyard.
The green netting you see on the blocks is bale wrap.
He would literally carry the entire bale of straw around.
Poe's life was tragic, but he was about as unworldly as a bale of cotton.
Bale weights vary in other cotton-producing countries due to differing moisture content when cotton is compressed.
Serious straw bale: a home construction guide for all climates.
Straw bale structures cannot be designed for large storms and tend to fail during large runoff events.
Alfalfa hay storage losses study as influenced by bale type and storage method.
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