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Wheels on a car rotate around a strong horizontal bar called an axle.
Most drivers are barely aware of their wheels, the metal rims that connect the tires to the axle.
Axle grease also freezes and is warmed with a blowtorch.
The accident was caused by the breaking of an axle of the express car.
The new configuration, called rear-mid-engine, places the motor under the rear seat and over the rear axle.
When you put the blocks together in certain ways, you can even make a sort of axle that spins.
The plan was to attach blades to the back axle of a bicycle and generate electricity through a bike dynamo.
Not something that will do in a pinch, but a boxed, branded windmill axle.
Than his bright throne, or burning axle-tree could bear.
Then an oaken stake is driven into the ground and a wheel is fixed on it as on an axle.
Sometimes it was prescribed that the cart-wheel used for fire-making and the axle on which it turned should both be new.
When he is awake at two in the morning, mulling over the physics of wheel diameter and axle size, he is fifty-six.
However, shortly thereafter the axle shifted and the disc brake started rubbing against other parts.
For wind turbines, the blade and axle are the essential motions.
The active rear axle lock not only helps the car take fast turns, but also ensures non-slip acceleration even in the snow.
It uses an axle-based release mechanism to leave the brick in place.
One of the first pieces of evidence identified after the explosion was the rear axle from the bomb truck.
The steering axle, however, must go by the load limit by the tire manufacturer.
Axle spacing is as important as axle weight in bridge design.

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