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The chapter dealing with axiomatic theories is the best section of the book.
It was once regarded as axiomatic that globalisation would marginalise politics.
Yet it is the central thesis of modern axiomatic mathematics that abstractness is the price of simplicity.
The result is an axiomatic system that has little relevance to the real world.
It is axiomatic that any study of legal education necessarily entails a study of bar examinations.
Theories long accepted as axiomatic have recently been shaken by new scientific discoveries.
That knitwear travels is now axiomatic.
If some set of axiomatic rules is defined there can be certain statements which are neither provable nor disprovable.
This is due to a ubiquitous ceiling that should be axiomatic to economists and financiers a like.
Our difference of opinion is axiomatic, which makes it very difficult, but not hopeless.
So the case for inaction is an alluring one, and almost axiomatic in the world of higher education.
But these elements are axiomatic in the decision making of many potential retirees and should be engaged, not overlooked.
Not a provable statement, but a useful axiomatic statement for beings that find existence preferable to the alternative.
It is axiomatic that your pastor believes in redemption.
It's almost axiomatic that at any given moment power is in the hands of the people who profit from the status quo.
Axiomatic theories can express more than recursive mathematics.
Once the need became apparent, the second choice was axiomatic.
Whatever axiomatic system you base your calculations on, there are true statements that lie beyond the system's reach.
For those who may not have done so explicitly, it's clear that it's axiomatic.
Some axiomatic judgement is made on what to measure, what to value, what to describe.
Neither should one dignify such models with labels that would suggest they are axiomatic when they clearly are not.
It is axiomatic that the value of real estate rises with the lowering of expenses.
It is virtually axiomatic in baseball that the teams that spend a lot of money on players win the bulk of the games.
Contrast this with the axiomatic semantics definition of a set, a dictionary, or a queue.
It is axiomatic that a court of record speaks only through its journal entry.
Inductive and intuitive approaches to proof as well as deductive axiomatic methods should be used.
It is likewise axiomatic that a complete failure of proof on an element of a claim is fatal to that claim.
It is axiomatic that a panel of this court may not overrule the holding of a prior panel.
It is axiomatic that the government must turn square corners when it undertakes a criminal prosecution.
It is axiomatic that the state prosecute people for crimes under statutes enacted by the legislature.
It's almost axiomatic that the highest income groups will have the largest percentage of computer ownership.
It is axiomatic that one is presumed to intend the natural and probable consequences of his actions.

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It is ... axiomatic that we should all think of ourselves as being more sensitive than other people because... more
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