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Example sentences for axe

At the centre of his show is a coffin in the shape of a ship topped with a flint hand axe.
Artifacts unearthed at the site include a stone axe head, a pottery fragment, and an ornamental pin.
In the cellar was an axe covered with blood and wrapped in some old clothing.
Sometimes bad history's grinding axe drowns true accomplishment and objective judgement, however charming or witty it may be.
Some bosses may be tempted to axe maintenance work-and workers-altogether, because they have plenty of spare capacity.
It looks as if it had been inflicted with a hatchet or an axe.
Slumped in airport reception, grounded travellers may well wonder why their flight got the axe.
All colleges will have bitter ex-employees or former teachers with an axe to grind.

Famous quotes containing the word axe

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