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Example sentences for awning

Since full grown trees are not always located in a convenient position, some sort of awning or canopy can be erected.
Awning makers generally give on-site estimates at no charge, bringing fabric samples.
And one wall of the rehearsal room lifts open to create an indoor-outdoor space, with the wall serving as its awning.
He joins a group of volunteers-fishermen, shopkeepers, and taxi drivers-gathered around tables under the restaurant awning.
He had traded his upper lip for a little awning of a mustache.
The top floor opens to a balcony shaded by a red-and-yellow awning suspended on metal brackets.
There's a hole in the roof and a bushel of ginger drying under an awning.
Place an awning three feet above the head of the candidate.
The window openings have a interior gutter to direct rain to the awning.
At the foot of the hill the car left the rails and ran into an awning.
It's an inspired white-linen restaurant inside a pearl-gray house with a green awning.
The only sound is the wind snapping a torn yellow awning near its base.
The apartment has a washer and dryer, and the terrace has an electric awning that provides plenty of shade.
He now smokes under the awning several feet from the entrance.
Backyard is landscaped and features an awning covering.
The building is bright red and sports lighted white globes and a red awning.
Install windows on all sides for cross ventilation, and consider awning windows that can remain open in light rain.
For five minutes the two stood in the shelter of the store awning and talked.
But no matter how large or formal a luncheon may be, there is rarely a chauffeur on the sidewalk, or a carpet or an awning.
Create more living space when you're parked by installing an awning on the side of the van with the sliding door.
Guests can sit on its open deck under the green awning, and take in the view of the water while they eat.
One protruded awkwardly from the awning of a fast-food restaurant.
Each trailer has a deck with picnic table, an awning and parking for one vehicle.
The undulating exterior draws customers to the large wooden door beneath the red awning and restaurant sign.
The workers on break sat in the shade of an awning, sipping cold drinks and chatting.
At midday they hide as best they can, under an awning or a tree.
There is no awning above the entrance and no advertising or neon signs to mark the spot.
The awning needs to be pressurized and the following method of attachment to the wood shall be followed.
Note that the awning may not be supported other than the particular design of the awning.
Awning enclosures are permitted from the slab or deck with readily removable transparent or translucent materials.
The vinyl awning windows evaluated in this report are individual, non-impact resistant windows.
Construction or installation of a window or door awning.
It is proposed to install an illuminated awning and banner sign.
It is proposed to paint exterior of storefront, replace apartment door and replace awning cover.
Application for an awning with signage over rear entrance door.

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