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If your subject senses you feel awkward or shy about photographing them, they will find it difficult to relax.
Without practiced skills and polished positions, he made the evening more awkward, less solemn.
The first moments of the meeting were awkward.
She has, on the stage, an awkward grace she seldom shows anywhere else.
Friends of an awkward moose help him realize that real beauty is found within.
He put out his hand as though to greet the younger man and then awkwardly drew it back again.
But the seats have a poor adjustment range and many drivers will find the position awkward.
This could have been an awkward moment.
For this reason, it can be awkward to converse with somebody with dark sunglasses.
Fine, unless you're left-handed and that right-side handle forces you into an awkward reach.
It just seems to me that you've put yourself into an awkward position.
The small kitchen had an awkward space for dining and was hidden from the home's main living areas by a closet wall.
They were always a letdown-awkward seating and sparse accommodations.
My teenage attempt at a magician's grace was being transformed into an awkward comic grace.
Afflicted birds become awkward and disoriented, flying into objects and falling off their roosts.
It was easier to make new poles when they got to their new destination than to haul the long, awkward lengths of wood.
They've been called awkward, grotesque, and absurdly ridiculous.
We flew three awkward circuits of takeoffs and landings together.
But the disaster highlights the country's somewhat awkward reliance on a singular national treasure with limited access routes.
Most sea snakes have such soft muscle tissue, adapted to their loose aquatic movements, that they tend to be awkward on land.
We're forced to swing into the pounding waterfall, an awkward maneuver that slams us both into the rock.
Being slim and sleek would allow it to go where other devices can be awkward or invasive.
She reminded everyone that scientists aren't socially awkward introverts.
What is a fun thrift shopping outing for me may be an awkward or even unpleasant experience for someone who buys everything new.
No more awkward stage banter as you fiddle with your tuning pedal between songs at a gig.
But in turning this policy goal into reality they face an awkward dilemma.
His moves are awkward and sublime, full of imagination and possibility.
Rather than grapple with awkward counter-evidence, the party tried to bury it.
It may also have to confront some awkward questions about its future role.
Clarity and focus are essential requirements for making those awkward judgments.
Still, there can be awkward lulls-between two text messages, for instance.
The latest row comes at an awkward time for the government.
At a superficial level it's easy to tick off the traits of an awkward-looking throw.
He used singularly awkward, almost absurd up-and-down and sidewise movements of his body to give emphasis to his arguments.
It's awkward to use a thermometer to check the doneness of steak.
The moments of charged, awkward silence during the pair's first meal together.
And yet, all of a sudden, there is an awkward feeling in the air.
He wore three-piece corduroy suits and soft-soled shoes and had a way of popping up at awkward moments.
Awkward and indefinite in the first place, this system is outworn, and is wholly out of gear with our modern political methods.
He performed an awkward upward stroke with grace, cleaving one half from the backbone, and began cutting off customers' orders.
His resources as a director are limited: the actors stand around in awkward clumps and grope each other clumsily.
It is the carriage of the body in a way that seems harmonious and natural, as opposed to awkward and forced.
We sat for an awkward moment and agreed that the closing was a sad day, indeed.
Yet these two, to put it mildly, find themselves in an awkward situation.
It is an awkward moment, but he is a pleasant stranger.
Technical improvements have also obviated another longtime monorail shortcoming: awkward switching from one track to another.
Currently, however, online video is going through an awkward stage.
Envy is an awkward homage that inferiority pays to merit.
Out of this original division an awkward situation soon arose.
It is not that gauche happenings are serious offenses, no matter how awkward the incident.
In wearing them one presented an exceedingly awkward appearance.
There is nothing so awkward as running into your ex in a hotel lobby or elevator.
The performance was simply awkward, with a few of the members looking lifeless on stage.
And as socially awkward as the scientist characters are, they are also portrayed as lovable and warm people at heart.
The new paradigm leaves one with awkward and unhelpful turns of phrase.
But this fanciful scenario breaks down under the weight of a couple of awkward facts.
They normally have trouble making eye contact and are awkward around other people.
Bats have clearly evolved a sophisticated flight system, but they face some awkward challenges when they're not flying.
Instead of an awkward peer-pressure moment, it becomes a humorous opportunity for subtle allusions to red buttons.
My own line of work as a science writer can make blogging a bit awkward every now and then.
Certainly being patted down or being scanned will be awkward for some, but it is necessary.
Without some guarantees of particularly good behaviour from the universe it seems to be pretty awkward to work with it.
Too awkward to wield properly, especially when someone with a long, pointy stick was stabbing at you.
The awkward regulation offers little in the way of effective oversight.
It's awkward to go about your normal teaching-and-research business on a campus once you have been denied tenure.
The fit with the president's expansive agenda seemed awkward, and the amount was pennies on the original dollar.
Former students are in a less awkward position, as long as they won't be taking any more courses from the professor in question.
What a pleasantly awkward position in which to find myself.
Then there was an awkward silence as though they were waiting for me to answer another question.
There can be an awkward moment after the introducer suddenly stops and it's my turn to finally start speaking.
In that situation, it is far more awkward to go back to a candidate who wasn't interviewed, than to go back to one who was.
It may feel awkward, but you've got to do it to avoid ending up in the reject pile.
The anxiety of many job seekers shows through in their letters, usually in wooden, awkward prose.
There may be department budget issues involved that would make the chair look awkward, for example.
So the tenure track is the professorial equivalent of the awkward, uncertain, teenage years.
If you feel dressed up and awkward, it might make you behave less naturally.
The guy turned white as a sheet, stammered a little, and then an awkward pause followed.
Other choreographers also have presented interestingly awkward dances this spring.
We actually all felt really awkward about it and didn't know what to do.
Rust delivered an awkward mime full of curious hand gestures, which was greeted by lukewarm laughter and sideways glances.
For years she had modeled around the awkward mends of previous breaks-there was a grace to it.
Cue the awkward silence as you stand beside a fellow partygoer with whom your only shared interest appears to be the bean dip.
It may not be ready for his awkward throwing motion, the unconventional offense he runs or his pigskin proselytizing.
Sometimes subjects of our photographs don't know what our intentions are, or they may feel awkward about being photographed.
It is a special monograph on one aspect of the artist, which might be called-though the term is awkward-his ideology.
In my eyes, he has always been and will always be an awkward and diligent poet.
They show him as awkward and badly armed, or perhaps both.
Part of the problem is that the book suffers from an awkward structure.
Such frame-up charges are a common reflexive reaction to awkward facts.
The riot is certainly an awkward, even primitive, form of history-making.
It has a flow and an intimacy that the often awkward theatrical version lacked.
Awkward seated postures and lengthy periods of sitting may increase your risk of injury.
Similarly, unloading or moving of heavy furniture can expose workers to hazardous levels of heavy or awkward lifting.
Lifting and supporting heavy loads while in awkward bending postures increases the risk of injury to the low back.
Physical exertion, especially in awkward positions, can result in sprain- and strain-related injuries.
Redesigning workstations will eliminate the need for excessive reaching and many awkward postures.
Avoid awkward postures while lifting such as reaching and twisting, or lateral or side bending.

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