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We happened to have plastic cups standing by, and they slipped under the spout of the press awfully easily.
Those weird and wonderful creatures can be awfully noisy.
The fuzzy hatchlings they were protecting were awfully cute.
We've gone, you might say, from remembering everything to remembering awfully little.
He was awfully homesick at first, but now he has won his place in his own little world and he is all right.
She feels that we're so awfully strict-about certain things.
People preaching their point of view seem awfully sure of themselves.
That's an awfully cruel thing to do to an animal, all so someone can show that people are able to taste carbonation.
One thing it probably would not volunteer is that things are awfully wet down here.
Students were referring to each other by nicknames awfully early in the semester.
The idea of capturing some of that philanthropy by means of legislative intervention is awfully tempting.
The vision itself stands at an awfully odd angle to reality.
It is going to be awfully strange interviewing them.
It would look awfully funny if you didn't mention it and everyone knew anyways.
All in all, it's an awfully articulate debate on a tricky topic.
The picture is awfully, solemnly silly, but it's enjoyable and even rather stirring.
For him and for the country, the next two years look awfully bleak.
After all, things happened awfully quickly that night in the alley.
But we're bound to profess that said details are awfully obvious, conventional and dull.
Indeed, by now lists of facts about the amazing reach of our language may have begun to sound awfully familiar.
My friend was telling me how this had been an awfully snowy winter.
And disenchantment with commerce goes back an awfully long way.
Still more are fractured across an awfully decentralized media environment.
Which is an awfully long distance to move an opinion.
If it's a staged job or a voice-over scam, it would have to be an awfully artful one, done quickly overnight.
The downside of this option, as suggested above, is that one year is an awfully short time horizon for getting this done.
It seems an awfully low price to pay for one of the few remaining majestic wild predators.
But when you're in the thick of an individual episode, it can get awfully sluggish.
Take away the money, and it can start to look awfully fragile.
But in terms of means, he played his hand awfully amateurish.
It's awfully rich to complain about a problem one helped create.
For a desktop system, though, the sub is awfully big and boxy.
These devices excel at these basic functions and are awfully convenient when out on the road.
Errant asteroids, flip-flopping magnetic poles, or total climatic collapse will make things awfully lonely.
At that point, the science had better be awfully good.
Exam week for college and university students can be awfully stressful.
The best player in tennis has been awfully average this year.
Widely available satellite imagery is making governments around the world awfully nervous.
It doesn't take many more doublings in volume to bring the cost down to levels that look awfully attractive.
One factor that seems awfully important here is that these pregnancies were all planned.
Opinion is unanimous, however, that they are awfully cute.
It seems to me that people's political identification is awfully volatile.
Somebody seems to be doing an awfully good job at keeping this conference secret.
The situation is still an awfully long way from that methinks.
Nickel might be ideal- plenty of that in asteroids, and its awfully reflective.
It has been awfully quiet in the deep salt--until now.
The problem is some town names look awfully similar to my untrained eye.
First, our complex financial system is awfully fragile.
The problem is that there's an awfully fine line between parodying lame sitcom jokes and actually making them.
And when a company has a chance to build better widgets, it would be awfully sad if it didn't even try.
But in a less public way, veterans concede that they're awfully tired.
Things seem to move awfully slowly in the government sometimes.
One naturally wonders why lightning must strike so awfully, twice.

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