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Example sentences for awed

It recounts modern scientists who are still awed and humbled at the sight.
Properly awed by her subject, she seeks to nudge and provoke readers, not overpower them.
They were not awed by the fact that they were sitting before a serious historical work.
And prepare to be awed by how they fly in formation.
He was awed by their scale and magnitude, by their design, and by the efficiency of the use of materials.
As a caver, he was awed by the courage and resourcefulness that such long-term survival underground must have demanded.
Many lesser mortals have been awed by the spectacle.
Jack tells his story with a cynical humor, a raw vitality and an awed wonder that are immense.
His inner security was tempered by the humility that comes from being awed by nature.
The narcissism that once awed the world with its leather shine and gleaming enamel has let itself slide.
The original, awed, hysterical response which is always a component of fashion.
On the basis of this revelation awed adepts make critical decisions about whether to buy or sell.
Let's stop being so childishly awed by what are essentially fireworks displays.
She is staring out into the fog astern with an expression of awed wonder.
The talent and vision of the designers and artists will leave you awed.
The department is deeply moved and awed at the outpouring of support.
People are awed by the accomplishment until something goes horribly wrong.
Fur trappers, explorers, and settlers alike were awed by the tower's majesty.
Visitors were awed by the painting's spectacular realism.
He liked to jig for the awed savages by the camp fire and he delighted in performing feats of strength for them.
We still cannot help but be awed by their heroic actions following the attacks.

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