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The medical consensus has shifted away from bed rest for back pain and toward exercise.
In multiple trials, she hid a wireless speaker in a fake tree trunk near each group of elephants, then drove away.
Everyone knows it's no fun to be away from your significant other.
Then, when you get away you still have the option to return if you want.
It may often be true that the best way to raise demand for your product is to give it away.
Painful as it may be to think about, the fall semester looms a month away.
Tell me a tale about a wicked stepmother who has two children who run away to the woods.
Turning away some investors and telling those he accepted not to talk to outsiders produced a sense of exclusivity.
Over time, animals have developed many ways to stay away from predators.
To escape predators in the ocean, these cephalopods will speed away by shooting a jet of water.
Sports teams and the avid nature of high school sports really kind of took away from all of that.
It blasted the hoodoos, blowing crumbling rocks away.
He didn't laugh, or ask questions, or slowly back away.
Nothing brings a family closer together than taking them away.
Fruit is usually a dry capsule that releases seeds explosively, shooting them up to several feet away.
Then she backed away from politics and made clear that her interests were not in public life.
The next wave of high-speed rail lines should do away with the rails altogether, say proponents of magnetic levitation technology.
He went back to the house with one of the boys, but the crows stayed away.
After roasting, the ortolan was thrown away and only the olive was consumed.
For centuries, artistic treasures have been taken away from the lands that created them.
But of course, you do not see her shrinking-only as moving farther away.
If pests of this sort are a nuisance for you, you may want to clear away their hiding places periodically.
Plants and animals also produce acids that mix with rainwater, a combination that eats away at rocks.
More precisely, the laser's field drives a small proportion of the electron's wave function away and back.
Perhaps more than anything else, it is the extraordinary architecture that takes a visitor's breath away.
Changing the language to pretend that those differences don't exist will not make them go away.
As you fall asleep you hear bloodhounds not far away.
But whereas tungsten projectiles become rounded at the tip upon impact, uranium shells burn away at the edges.
Can't wait to see the scaffolding go away and really get a sense of the architecture.
Find out a great way to store and reuse plastic bags instead of throwing them away.
It snorts awake and swims off as its companions drift away from us in loose pairs and trios.
Each stem looks as if it could be cut off and carried away as a parasol.
However, it will also take away from your research time.
No wonder thousands have already run away to settle here.
Consequently, as water evaporates, the vapor carries heat away from the water.
Running bamboo can get away from you, that's for sure.
Years ago scientists discovered that stratospheric ozone is being eaten away by human activity.
He was absolutely not shut away in some ivory tower somewhere.
Finding time to steal away to the shed is no easy feat.
Most wine drinkers have more bottles tucked away than they realize.
Giving bears snacks may keep the animals away from homes and campsites, one biologist says.
Hold the page about a foot away from your face and slowly move it toward you and away from you.
But mostly they will go away with a warm feeling in their hearts, and perhaps remembering a melody.
Whipped cream and raspberries give it a romance you can get away with only once a year.
The fungi project their spores away from the resident dung because cows will not eat near feces.
The muscles receive an order to pull those fingers away from the surface.
Mauchly himself claimed that he took away no ideas whatsoever.
Making smart food choices doesn't have to mean doing away with your favorites.
It misses as the ray twists out of reach and speeds away.
Spread a layer of mulch around the plant, keeping it several inches away from the stem or trunk.
Mobile devices are one year away from transforming education.
Head to one of these secret vacation spots where the world slips away.
To speed cooling so you can freeze the ice cream right away, chill the cooked custard in ice water.
Studies of landfills suggest they may take centuries to rot away.
Nor does the idea of throwing away the tank and plugging your car into an electric socket instead.
Actually it aims to turn away anger with the aim of maintaining the relationship often with an eye to further exploitation.
It might be giving away the future tax cuts for the rich.
The shift away from the billable hour, however, may take a while.
Setting up further away from the capital would be cheaper, but a proposed high-tech city has stalled.
Your correspondent has blinked twice since then, but the claim has not gone away.
It should not be taken for granted that recycling is more efficient than chucking something away.
In many cases, this means counseling people to throw away money.
And then the music started, and you closed your eyes and floated away.
And it is the prelude to other unforgettable experiences that await a few steps away.
The bird, perched unblinking on a low branch not ten feet away, hooted a rising scale as if whistling through a slide flute.
Redheaded clowns will have all gotten into their tiny cars and driven away, never to return.
It is thickest on the grinding surface of the crown, until worn away by attrition, and becomes thinner toward the neck.
And turned the calkins upon her feet, and ridden her far away.
As a result, he said, the foundation is shifting its focus away from giving money to new projects to develop policy ideas.
We shoo them away every time they settle, and thankfully they haven't nested.
But stay away from sneakers, and clothes that will wrinkle badly.
Or a registration process that doesn't cost you days away from your job.
Once they filtered out the less-reliable statistics, mortality deceleration went away or became negligible.
If the position has been canceled, let the candidates know that right away.
File away any interesting textbooks and syllabi that you come across for future reference.
Technology is taking away our privacy and our concentration, but it is also taking away our ability to be alone.
Instead of throwing them away, the juice company used to sell the peels to local dairies.
Preschools are increasingly turning away from play-based learning to lectures and testing.
When the gecko plants its toes, the setae extend so that their tips point away from the body.
It's pretty disgusting how lowlifes used to get away with torturing animals in the name of science without any public outcry.
After rubbing them you settle back into staring, hunched inches away from the computer screen.
But when they get close they turn away from our heads and dive for our feet-apparently their preferred snack spot.
Most economists agree that it makes good sense to steer away from finite foreign oil toward homegrown renewable energy.
Eventually, radiation pressure from the star blows away the envelope and the new star begins its evolution.
We could see it nine billion light-years away, more than halfway across the observable universe.
The animals ran away from the buzzing, rumbling alarm calls to each other.
Limited not by conscience but by technical skill, many soon felt free to do whatever they could get away with.
Walking down the road, you spot a strange object far away, sticking out off to the side.
Those people live far away from the lights of big cities, office buildings, and shopping malls.
She takes the captives to holding pens at her house until she can let them go far away from human activity.
Animals eat or remove them, excreting or dropping seeds away from the parent tree.
Archaeologists say this timber circle, which was only temporary because it eventually rotted away, was a symbol of life.
As new species evolve to fit ever changing ecological niches, older species fade away.
The brave dog, barking fiercely, caught up to the quick-moving attacker and chased the fox away.
Then the sea rushed in, washing him and his family away.
But taking away some control from diners allows a chef to craft an entire culinary experience.
The closest mall and movie theater is one hour away.
Both ideas address the problems in public education by walking away from them.
When you think about what he's getting away with you are horrified.
Once it is widely known, bidders will rush into the market until the discrepancy is traded away.
Short of unimpeachable exculpatory evidence, prosecutors are loath to back away from an indictment, much less a conviction.
What these figures suggest that borrowing is as much to finance living away from home as for bursars' bills.
The point is that for some time the center of gravity for achievement has been shifting away from the topmost colleges.
Tightly roll up layers away from you into a short thick cigar.
The naan was only eight inches away from getting into the oven.
With everyone away, it would appear to the police to be the work of a drifter.
Eventually, they were doing heroin, which turned out to be readily available from a street dealer a block away from her apartment.
He tried shaking his head a few times, but the idea that had struck him would not go away.
The only other individual nearby was a dozen spaced tables away, by himself, standing upright.
Even these are a couple of years away from completion.
The artist is only a few feet away, looking listeners in the eyes.
You're not faced with yourself, you're moving constantly away from yourself.
Sometimes he paints himself with charcoal until the rain comes to wash away his blackness.
She'd put both palms out toward him, as if to drive him away.
Astronomers have found what appears to be a planet literally boiling away from the blast-furnace heat of its star.
People often get away without paying anything but in practice, they frequently cough up something.
They cleared away patches of shoreline and forest and planted them with wheat and barley.
In the duct specialized cells apparently draw water away from the silk proteins.
The motorboat pulled away from the beach not long after dawn.
Distinctive faces dwell far away from the crowd, in much lonelier neighborhoods.
The gyro will be hauled away on the next shuttle flight.
But a doctor does his patients no favor by pushing them away when they disagree with his recommendations.
Lisa waves away this suggestion as preposterous, and opens the door to the lounge.
But in a building behind the main hotel, an expansive refuge was also constructed, and it's worlds away from the social action.
Outside, in the parking lot, the paparazzi start snapping away.
Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away.
New design does away with the need for a complex gearbox.
Everything closer or farther away is artfully blurred.
The market is shifting away from desktop and laptop computers toward increasingly powerful smart phones and tablet computers.
It also dissolves the polymer so that the fabric can be peeled away and collected.
Any oil that doesn't run off on its own would be easily wiped away with water, making it unnecessary for a driver to use soap.
The six who were hospitalized for pulmonary edema have now been released, and typically the symptoms go away in about a day.
Here it is projecting a block of red and a block of blue onto a screen two meters away.
Over time, the array will dissolve away, eliminating the need for surgery to remove the implant.
To keep water away, researchers coat the membrane with water-repelling silicone.
Different amounts of photoresist are then washed away, etching the substrate to varying degrees.
If you want your lawmakers to be accountable to you, then take away the pen.
It is not a condition that can be willed or wished away.
Corns and calluses can be prevented or will often go away when you eliminate the rubbing and friction that causes them.
Reveal it when the time is right, and plot away until then.
If he doesn't get away good on a speed horse, he doesn't panic.
It is the value of a brilliant dance or dive when the memories have faded and the ripples died away.
The third tie-breaker, if still necessary, favored students who live closer to the school over those further away.
And details sweep in and sweep away the possibilities for each little scene to become sufficiently alive to wake up the others.
He wrested philosophy away from an exclusive concentration on cognition to an investigation of emotive being.
Getting away with cheating on the field and boasting about it afterward is not penalized at all.
There is no need to look so far back or so far away.
During the election campaign, he sought to draw votes away from ultra-nationalists-part of his attempt to obtain a supermajority.
They could have slipped away abroad, as some others did to escape capture.
Being the biggest boys on the block, they got away with it.
But he simply looks out the window, eating almond crunches, the wrappers floating away.
With the belated arrival of television in the country, interest in club rugby has dwindled away.
The split between the dream and the reality is an old one and it has not gone away.
Information on how to stay safe away from your home during severe weather.

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