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We were aware that this would have no effect on toxins or heavy metals.
Be aware that only cutting-grown stock is truly uniform.
City officials, it turned out, hadn't been aware that trails had been built on public property.
Be aware, however, that many of the shrub junipers can eventually grow to the size of small trees.
Be aware that all hose-end sprinklers have some uneven distribution, providing more water to some areas than to others.
Be aware, though, that merchandise will not be shipped until after the holidays.
Coward said he was not aware of any carriers selling the data it collects on their behalf to third-party marketers.
We appear to be able to read words at a glance without being aware of each letter.
Staring down a puma can let the animal know you're aware it's looking, though distance can reduce its effectiveness.
Each powerful sprinter, poised to explode when the gun went off, was keenly aware of what hung in the balance.
We are not aware that this present moment is eternity itself.
So if the plate color is same with the food, people are not aware of how much they have eaten.
To rein in impulsiveness, try becoming more self-aware as you go about your day.
Your judgements are thick and suffocating, even if you aren't aware of them.
Every player seems well clued-up and aware of the game which they are in.
He had become extremely absent and forgetful and he was aware of it.
At the same time she is perfectly aware of the absurdity of these obsessive reproaches.
Perhaps without being aware of it he was growing ready for larger flights and a wider scene.
As both were well aware, there is a central point where the two visions meet and blend.
The world has become aware of its invisible citizen.
He also showed signs of being self-aware: he could recognize himself in a mirror.
Aware that the theater's tough audience could make or break her career, she froze.
They've made the public a bit more aware of science.
But almost immediately it becomes aware of a natural and effortless and hitherto untested competence.
Davidson hopes that the stamps will make people aware of design and how it impacts their lives.
When you're there you're aware of how intensely privileged you are.
The people, introspectively focused on their own tasks, seem fully aware of their partner's role.
They would then take the information home to parents, who probably aren't aware of it either.
Reading will make you more informed and more aware of the world around you.
Everyone in academe is aware of certain departments whose members seem perennially at odds.
Are the search committees even aware when you reapply for a position.
Most of us are aware that binge drinking is a major problem on many college campuses.
But the students did seem keenly aware of how financial pressures were affecting their campuses and their own futures.
The presidents are also aware of the potential of online methods for delivering course instruction.
The process has allowed me to become much more intimately aware of the relationship among teaching, research, and service.
It is also important to staff health- and psychological-services offices with people who are aware of the importance of sleep.
Last year, the mechanics of independent political spending mutated drastically, and we're all acutely aware of it.
Everyone is aware that they'll probably live longer if they exercise, eat right, and don't smoke.
But unless you fall into one of those two categories, chances are you weren't really aware that it was happening.
Cap becomes more self-conscious, more socially aware-all the while wrestling with post-traumatic stress disorder.
But it is impossible for us to be completely aware of our entire mental model at play.
All travelers should be aware of the risks so that they can take preventive measures.
Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and stay close to the group you're traveling with.
In preparing for any fantasy draft, it's important to be aware of any built-in biases.
Everyone is aware of water when it falls from the sky as rain, snow, or ice.
Be aware that some cruise lines will collect alcohol purchased during shore excursions, returning it upon final disembarkation.
There also isn't any way both parties were aware of it, and they were definitely aware that the other was aware of it as well.
College students and graduates are well aware of the impact a plummy placement could have on their careers.
She is also keenly aware of youthful speech patterns.
Search engines and online banners are not nearly so good at making people aware of new products.
Please be aware that some companies are soliciting unauthorized subscription renewals to our customers.
More people are becoming aware of things their nation had tried to keep them blind from previously.
But investors are well aware that the parlous state of the country's finances means that it cannot supply unlimited amounts.
Many firms do not yet seem aware of the revolutionary implications of newly empowered consumers.
He was aware that many otherwise clever people are dunces at learning a second language.
Rather fewer may be aware that the tourists retracing his footsteps threaten to destroy the archipelago's unique ecosystem.
Making people aware of the cost of leaving the lights on should encourage frugality.
If you don't want to pay those fees, make sure you're aware of them and avoid mistakes and transactions that trigger them.
If you live in a drafty house, you're only too aware of the energy being lost through the walls and windows.
Never throw anything overboard, and be aware of marine life in the waters around you.
Researchers have been aware of the surprising cognitive abilities of these crows for some years now.
If your object is to educate, the only way to make people aware is to make an image that astounds-not amuses-but astounds.
Ski resorts around the world, keenly aware of the climate change threat, are seeking greener ways to power their slopes.
Germans, aware of the winged spies, used marksmen and falcons to bring them down.
When shopping for ham, be aware that smoked pork shoulder is available partially or fully cooked.
Consumers, used to shelves stuffed full of seafood selections at every neighborhood convenience store, are less aware.
It's one thing to be aware of what you put in your mouth.
The wine industry is well aware of this mindset, of course, and has been determined to change it for years.
You're constantly aware that you're watching a period piece, albeit one with some vivid scenes and interesting details.
Watching any disaster, from near or far, makes us aware that memorials are not only places but also experiences.
Besides, one of the main strengths of the building is that you're not really aware of its layout, even as it subtly directs you.
Patty was aware that this was not her finest hour of sportsmanship.
In eleventh grade she had become aware of her effect on boys-almost all of them.
The bed was narrow, and in the dark he became even more aware of the heat from her back and her legs, especially her legs.
Everyone was well aware of how some previous attempts to alter the body's cellular and genetic makeup had gone wrong.
Soon after that machines will become the equivalent of conscious, ie self-aware.
As everyone is probably already aware, any technology is neutral but has the capacity for good and evil purposes.
Seems they are already aware of some concerns about security.
Parallel programming is not really a crisis because there is a solution even if the industry is not yet aware of it.
You're no longer aware of what's going on around you, but you're still breathing, and your physiology is stable.
As a lot of people are becoming aware, it's good, but it has some drawbacks.
Avoid investment fraud by being aware of the warning signs.
Four out of ten executives surveyed were personally aware of employees and other individuals affected by domestic violence.
Public asked to be aware of and help protect whooping cranes and trumpeter swans.
You're physically dependent but might not be aware of it yet.
The company said it wasn't aware of any effort to buy the company.
What's worse is that many families with overweight or obese children aren't even aware there is a problem.
Participants in my studies actually are not aware that they are lying that much until they watch videos of their interactions.
For weeks, furriers scoffed at the atomized nature of the protest and culturally aware references on demonstrators' propaganda.
Henry became aware of a murmurous sound that seemed to be coming from behind a closed door in the corner of the room.
They are innately aware of a higher calling that is no laughing matter.
Everyone is aware of the storm, but the storm reaches the team faster than they expected.
Be aware that you too are an animal and dependent on the web of nature, and think and act accordingly.
He was only dimly aware of the possible physical embodiment of genetic information.
The new generation is aware of everything, open to the world, and totally in favor of freedom and democracy.
His two main characters themselves seem aware of this and hence are quite fearless.
We are aware, more or less, that it defines our world.
Writers seldom give any sign that they are aware of the degree of freedom they enjoy here.
Professionals, on the other hand, are well aware of the connections.
Seeing the damaged hand once again functioning, reduces the dissonance even though the patient is aware of being tricked.
With her flair for mimicry, the actress is clearly aware of such nuances, and many of her line readings here are hilarious.
Crumb himself, though highly aware of artistic traditions, does not make the same claims for himself.
To be aware or not to be aware: that is the question.
Scientists have found evidence that the self-aware part of our brains isn't always in charge.
The octopus is a machine and it is not intelligent nor self aware.
Lacking this chatter, someone in a vegetative state seems to be awake but not aware.
One does not need to be consciously aware to perform sophisticated motor acts.
But there was one non-scientist on the panel who did her best to make the scientists aware of the world outside their community.
He bent over, aware that he had twisted something the wrong way.
Nothing in his previous behavior had indicated that he was aware of, or willing to acknowledge, the danger on his back.
Since virtually all her brain was missing, she would never be aware of her existence.
Automakers, well aware of these statistics, have introduced some impressive driver de-idiotizing systems over the years.
Climatologists are well aware that short term trends are dominated by natural effects.
The distortion of fisheye lenses is accepted precisely because people are aware of the trade-off.
As you poke away, you are aware of what the far end of the stick is touching, not the end you're holding in your hand.

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