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Especially when it comes to this year's film awards.
It's not quite awards season in the video game world, but two projects have already earned one.
Their cheese has won awards and made it to the menus of some pretty prestigious restaurants.
The findings suggest a high number of colleges have had to lower average aid awards to provide them to a larger share of students.
The recipients will receive their awards at a ceremony later this year.
Whittling this mountain of degrees, awards, and experience down to one perfect professor will be daunting.
Adventure's approach to its year-end gear awards is a little different from other magazines.
Surviving crewmen remembered an admiral belittling their awards.
Nominations for our annual innovation awards are now closed.
Awards are out of all proportion to the harm inflicted, and are hurting the economy.
The number of disputed cases going to trial, average awards and legal costs have all ballooned.
The car has racked up a bunch of awards and favorable reviews.
Look at the early awards for nanotechnology innovation.
These two films were once considered awards shoo-ins, but failed to make the nominees lists.
It isn't so much that the awards never go to fine achievements as that those fine achievements are not rewarded as such.
It was translated into over sixty languages and brought him a host of awards.
The show was named outstanding miniseries, and also won awards for writing and directing.
He has won numerous journalism awards, and was selected as one of the twentieth century's top one hundred business journalists.
The whole idea of awards is not really compatible with serious consideration of literature in the first place.
Not in the way that awards and hype would have you believe, anyway.
However, they are not allowed to watch the actual awards itself.
It even had a tradition of handing out environmental awards.
Naturally, the top awards went to my own clients with a few others sprinkled in for verisimilitude.

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To refuse awards ... is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal.... more
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