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Example sentences for award

Sponsor will award the applicable prize to an alternate winner by random drawing from among all remaining eligible entries.
They laughed that he recently skipped an award ceremony because not enough people were going to see him accept the award.
Tech award winners focus on putting gadgetry to good use worldwide.
Nearly every profession publicly honors its top performers with an award.
Several wags nominated our vaporware story itself for an award.
At the beginning of the fair it won an award for creativity.
Even some winners would be on the hook, if the jury award is much less than they had previously been offered in a settlement.
So here's a brief rundown of what it turns out your company's employees can do and still win that lucrative award.
Populism argues that government should instead interrupt those conditions to award prosperity specifically and temporarily.

Famous quotes containing the word award

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The conqueror at least; who, ere Time renders His last award, will have the long grass grow Above his burnt... more
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