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Example sentences for awakening

Drinking jug wine with my in-laws was a culinary awakening.
It added little to my existing knowledge and did not provide a cultural awakening.
But on this morning of the great awakening, he wasn't hungry.
The programmed social awakening of the third month of life will meet almost all expectations, and it can't be rushed.
Now that they are competing at a new level, it is a rude awakening.
Thoroughly wash swimwear and clean out camping equipment for a less pungent spring awakening.
Now, you'd think such people are in for a rude awakening when they realize they married a real human being with real human flaws.
It is through that fear that he will have a spiritual awakening.
But at last it looks as if our people were awakening.
The awakening requires time, as the dream takes place during that period.
The history of this mental awakening is the history of the broadside.
The awakening came at last, however, and it was a rude one.
Energy will burn away, and the winter of our dimension will settle in without anticipation of thaw or awakening.
However, this awakening occurred at a time when it was possible to think about television in the digital domain.
Our awakening to the true power of computation rests on two suspicions.
To hasten the arrival of summer, try one of these bright, sense-awakening wines.
Once in your mouth, a truffle's flavor blossoms, awakening taste buds you never knew you had.
It's the morning after-the first moments of the couple's awakening, in a hotel room, after their whirlwind wedding.
But in the original comics, his awakening came much earlier.
If these builders expect buying to ramp up and prices to come back soon, then they may be in for a rude awakening.
Now, as it has done many times in human history, the rediscovery of limits is awakening the motivation to limit family size.
The sun eventually fades once more, awakening life in the desert.
The discovery must be a sober awakening for those who have always dreamed of raising a family.
In this case, the sorry truth is that our savings aren't worth as much as many of us think, and a rude awakening is coming.
The shift to white paralleled progress in science and, eventually, the public's awakening to germ-fighting habits.
Another incitement to the adoption of a new penal system is the awakening to the cruel ravages of consumption in the jails.
Hopefully, today, you'll be inspired to make that one little change that will set you off on the path to your own eco-awakening.
It was as if the buildings' slumbering giants were awakening.
It's one thing for a politician to acknowledge an awakening.
He takes on a case, awakening a stirring in his cream-filled soul, and opens a sideline as a sleuth.

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