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On average, he says, there is one collision-avoidance maneuver per week.
Examples of excellence for imitation, and of misdoing for avoidance, are given.
But this need not be all about caution and avoidance.
And the two year reporting was largely invented as an avoidance of the true default rates.
It helps greatly in the avoidance of work to be in the company of others who are also waiting for the golden moment.
Performance evaluations emphasize a zero-defect mentality, meaning that risk-avoidance trickles down the chain of command.
All of these things are true, but they do not add up to tax evasion, or even tax avoidance.
Workaholism besides being a avoidance behavior, decreases our productivity.
The beach has better food and numerous avenues for predator avoidance for an increasingly smart ape.
Unless nerds were better at devising avoidance strategies and therefore had a lower injury and higher survival rate.
Group therapy is an ironic idea when the criteria for avoidance usually involve fear in crows or in rooms with other people.
But such avoidance, they say, is merely a symptom of a poorly designed tax system.
And the coming wave of tax increases will drive them to devise ever more elaborate tax-avoidance schemes.
The largest loopholes also favour the rich, making the tax system less progressive, and encourage rampant tax avoidance.
The best way to fight tax avoidance, then, is with simplicity.
The same centers that respond to spiritual conditions also effect risk recognition, risk action controls and risk avoidance.
Only by being responsible for yourself can any risk avoidance scheme work.
Yet the avoidance of failure is different from success.
Among other things, this should make automatic collision-avoidance systems more reliable.
Strict avoidance of any foods contaminated with methylmercury will prevent poisoning.
Tension headaches can frequently be prevented with stress reduction techniques and avoidance of certain triggers.
What makes the film commendable is less its unobjectionable moral than its avoidance of clich├ęs in expressing it.
Their approach to winter is avoidance: they will soon head south to warmer weather.

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