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Although this activity talks about several types of fire, it doesn't mention home fires, which are more common but avoidable.
And the large pieces that could do damage are easily visible and avoidable.
It has to do with parents' desire to have healthy kids or avoid burdening children with avoidable inherited diseases.
Indeed, the pang of an avoidable loss lingers longer than the rush of an expected victory.
Deaths from avoidable medical error more than double in past decade, investigation shows.
Actually, with some smart software, that might be avoidable.
Only future generations will be able to tell whether decisions such as these turn out to be non-issues, or avoidable tragedies.
The only thing more tragic than the fate of homeless animals is the fact that their deaths are entirely avoidable.
All mistakes look avoidable in hindsight, of course, and the nature of such stories is that only the failures surface.
Whether it was an avoidable mistake is something else that needs to be addressed.
Hall's book has many strengths and some annoying-because they are so avoidable-defects.
All the problems which plague this plant are avoidable.
For one thing, there are the avoidable problems of not doing enough to prepare for the inevitable appearance of disaster.
These deaths are truly tragic in that they are so avoidable.
Realistically, almost all of the deaths in this disaster were avoidable, but sadly they still happened.
Reading these words so many years and so many avoidable tragedies later is a lesson in irony that is overwhelming.
Conflict is not avoidable and frankly, ridicule is deserved.
Ellen came hurrying down the stairs, her avoidable haste acting in its normal way upon her husband.
It's not a natural catastrophe-it's a completely avoidable one.
What an avoidable error that more diligence and/or intensified focus would have definitely prevented.
And half of major surgical complications are avoidable with existing knowledge.
Millions already suffer entirely avoidable chronic diseases, disability and shortened lives.
Even for the unemployed, though, default is avoidable.
The encouraging news is that these unfortunate consequences are avoidable.
Some fees are avoidable, but you shouldn't be obliged to buy coverage you don't want and don't need.
Despite the scale of the humanitarian disaster, some of the suffering is avoidable.
Even in a financially repressed system austerity is not entirely avoidable.
It was difficult, then, to conceive of the idea that governments would pilot their economies toward avoidable disaster.
These are not permanently avoidable costs for a firm that plans to stay in business.
Hurried editing shows in erratic chronology, direct speech whose sources are unclear and easily avoidable errors.
Only a few weeks ago, that test still seemed avoidable.
Meanwhile a relative pittance spent by the government health complex to rid our society of the avoidable causes of cancer.
So, in the absence of big increases in productivity, wage cuts may be less avoidable.
The team simply skimped on avoidable costs, such as talent scouts, and raked in revenues from the rest of the league.
Still, there are some strange, avoidable forms of statelessness that reflect quirks of history.
Nor is it easy to disentangle the effects of climate change from those of avoidable failures in policy.
Of course, sometimes they might not have much to do either, but that is not really avoidable either.
So many horrid but avoidable things happen that one wonders if the author harbours a secret masochism.
In a market-based system of finance, the risk of losing your money is not an avoidable nuisance but a fundamental requirement.
Their heart disease was completely avoidable if only they had lived a more moral life, not giving into sloth and gluttony.
Almost as disturbing as the lives lost was the question of whether the crash was avoidable.
That's because the out-of-pocket costs for diseases that may be avoidable through diet and exercise can be staggering.
Its run-in with textile workers, though, was an avoidable gaffe.
But the truth is, virtually all cost surprises are avoidable.
The defeat was as crushing to the faithful as it was avoidable.
It is time to look at the withholding of freedom by acts of avoidable omission.
Those comparisons are inapplicable because they are avoidable.

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