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Here are some useful tips that will help you avoid costly pitfalls.
Some critics have said the program is an attempt to avoid decisive action.
The birds avoid this problem with a fight to the death soon after birth.
When counting mountain gorillas, try to avoid the animals themselves.
It would be hard for many travelers to avoid a carry-on bag fee.
The economy will avoid recession, but won't feel great.
To prevent the problem, avoid overwatering and take care not to injure plants.
Please try to avoid such controversial topics when possible.
Start at daybreak to avoid afternoon thunderstorms.
Smart moves clearly helped some colleges and universities avoid the worst of the downturn.
Follow label directions for dilution to avoid burning plants.
One study found that they avoid eating a type of acacia tree that is home to ants.
In response to the furor, artists began to avoid forbidden images or conceal them under dotting, stippling and cross-hatches.
Ships which tried to avoid one were often wrecked on the other rock.
The house is as cold as open windows can make it, to keep the flowers fresh, and to avoid stuffiness.
But then thou must also avoid being carried about the other way.
Fill jars to within half an inch of top with boiling liquid, pouring it slowly to avoid breaking.
He must avoid both under penalty of wreckage, and it avails him nothing to have avoided one, if he founders on the other.
When turning meat, avoid piercing with fork or skewer, which allows the inner juices to escape.
We were trying to avoid that whole game of who gets in first with the reviews.
Here, a player tries to avoid getting fragged by making some funny hand gestures.
And the only way to avoid doing them will be to do nothing.
Try and avoid generalizations about presses, in other words.
Avoid the urge to go through the text page by page--it'll bog down and they'll be bored.
However, you want to avoid repeating sentences from your writing sample.
To avoid prepositions at the end of sentences, for example, ties up us.
Avoid vague sentences that seem as if they could describe anyone in your field.
It may be better for your own sanity if you can avoid taking this personally.
It has been able to avoid party politics so far, but might not be able to do so for much longer.
But the best way to avoid getting caught off guard by a question, you did not expect, is to take a moment and pause.
However departments in my discipline avoid this as it's cheaper to get another faculty member to teach the course instead.
The really smart thing to do, if you don't want to be strung out, is to avoid having children.
To avoid a self-fulfilling prophecy, we've got act now.
The early bird gets the worm-and may avoid skin cancer.
Coloring books developed by psychologists help kids avoid long-lasting emotional problems.
Now there's some good news for people looking to avoid a dreaded hangover.
Burying greenhouse gas may be the only way to avoid a climate change catastrophe.
All scientists have imagined and pictures in different scenarios how to avoid such a collision.
The patients can now avoid obstacles even in dim light, read large print and recognize people's faces.
If the light ahead is red, the driver is told the optimal speed to avoid stopping and idling.
Hippos mostly try to avoid direct sunlight by lying in water during the day and feeding at night.
But if you want to avoid packing on the pounds, a new study suggests that you should spend more time thinking about food.
Could it be right to switch off the tv when there is a back ground noise to avoid the bad effects of interrupting concentration.
The bats may be trying to avoid the blade at the last second and reducing the trama to their bodies, but still being killed.
And thus avoid some of the ethical concerns of working with embryonic stem cells.
You're trying to exercise willpower-to avoid eating that second piece of cake or buying an electronic toy you don't really need.
Even so, he was unable to resolve it, and there have been many attempts in the last century to avoid it.
All of which suggests we've evolved a number of tricks to avoid the ultimate game-over: starvation.
Researchers are thus investigating compounds similar to the active ingredients in green tea that could avoid this problem.
Perhaps the human population would avoid the tendency towards geometric growth altogether.
In some cases, these regional calls may help males and females from similar areas find each other-or perhaps avoid each other.
Scientists have discovered a long-armed octopus that mimics poisonous creatures of the sea to avoid its predators.
Here are some measures you can take to avoid trouble if you're caught in a tsunami.
On a serious note, her research studies the way that locusts avoid predators.
Most animal species in the world have developed camouflage that helps them find food and avoid being attacked by a predator.
When making long exposures, use a remote release to avoid camera movement.
They need to find prey, and they have to avoid becoming prey themselves.
Green basilisk lizards can avoid danger by darting across water.
The nocturnal creatures rely on darkness to avoid predation.
They avoid sweet fruits, which could cause deadly bloating from rapid fermentation.
These stealthy cats avoid humans and hunt at night, so they are rarely seen.
But the research could be an important step in creating a lotion that helps humans avoid getting skin cancer.
Staying below the surface helps them avoid predators while they shovel in search of food.
Tigers are excellent swimmers and do not avoid water.
Use reasonable precautions, such as hiding cash in a money belt, and avoid walking in deserted areas late at night.
Government and private officials will continue to speak off the record to avoid accountability.
Whistleblowers will continue to speak in secret to avoid punishment.
What seems somewhat clearer now is that a lot can happen if one manages to avoid a sudden meltdown.
Their purpose is to help their members eat and avoid being eaten.
It is possible that its leaders decided that a lower-key affair a few weeks later might avoid stoking the neighbours' suspicions.
Its second goal is to avoid enriching bank shareholders at the expense of taxpayers.
Some amino acids avoid water, whereas others avoid oily substances.
Mapping the uncanny valley, to avoid its perils, would be of great benefit to film-makers.
It may be too late to avoid another bout of price rises.
By distancing themselves from customers, they avoid having their brands tarnished by products that bomb.
To avoid his joining their ranks, he adopts a cautious three-pronged strategy.
Production is deliberately carried out in small batches to avoid oversupply.
To avoid tricky judgments, number-crunchers collect the prices only of unbundled goods.
The aim is to avoid long and difficult legal arguments over who was the first to come up with an idea.
Others keep a low profile to avoid the predatory state.
First, it wants to avoid the vulnerabilities of an economy built on imported oil.
With hindsight it looked complacently eager to avoid one.
From the perspective of today's health concerns, of course, there are good reasons to avoid raw bone marrow.
It's a truism in the news business that reporters and their employers should avoid becoming the story.
They had been taught to avoid fighting in cities at all costs.
He tries to avoid total solipsism by writing honest reviews of his work.
They don't want to be blamed for bad outcomes, so they are willing to do bad things to avoid them.
But it is easy to imagine why he might wish to avoid the risk.
But to-day the primary problem is to avoid a far-reaching financial crisis.
Many of our professors are missing and student organizers are moving constantly to avoid detainment.
But as channels have proliferated, it has become much easier to avoid exposure to politics altogether.
Capital will tend to avoid countries where employment is heavily taxed or heavily protected, leading to a rise in unemployment.
We let the characters and subject matter be the charm and avoid over-styled music, treatments and graphics.
Sobered by history, national leaders will take care to avoid war.
The crisis is too important for everyone to avoid these questions.
And that takes practice practice that is far easier to avoid with all the distractions of constant connectivity.
My guess is that his single biggest reason for wanting to win was to avoid having people offer condolences for not winning.
Avoid disposable batteries by using your outlets whenever possible.
He became so concerned that he began swapping cars routinely with members of his staff to avoid recognition.
The book is saying that the best way to avoid being deceived by magic tricks is to learn to do the tricks yourself.
They may be the only way to avoid the tautologies inherent in logical thinking.
Either way it's a complicated choreography that requires a fair amount of concentration to avoid getting tripped up.
One's own civilization or nation must be firmly placed within a truly global context, so as to avoid parochialism.
Simplicity is welcome as long as the point is to avoid superfluity.
It would have only one mandate: to guarantee price stability to avoid inflation.
The same fear prompted them to avoid the land registers too-with disastrous results for their property rights.
The outlook is truly dismal but there must be a way to avoid it.
The best that can be said of him is that he knew how to avoid defeat: but not how to win.
The latter are essential to cost-effective care because they help patients avoid unnecessary, expensive procedures.
The lesson seems clear: the safest path to power can be to avoid its unabashed exercise.
He is also correct to avoid simplistic psychological diagnoses, and lets the primary evidence speak for itself.
Others spoke cryptically to avoid arousing the suspicion of listening ears.
Part of their pragmatism is to try to avoid an open clash with the ideologues.
She gave it a try, and it seemed to work-she was able to avoid insulin during her pregnancy.
For instance, her team adopted painstaking tactics to avoid contamination.
We slam on the brakes to avoid killing a pedestrian.
Expectant parents generally avoid the tests without prior reason for concern, however.
He also says its reduced resistivity will help avoid overheating.
One helped him identify lab techniques that would allow him to avoid hazardous chemicals.
In the clear vacuum of space, it could avoid the distorting effects of our own planet's atmosphere.
The obvious problem with this contrarian argument is that so many animals seem to go out of their way to avoid inbreeding.
To avoid exposure, they developed spatial sense and learned to cover their hunting grounds methodically and efficiently.
Reincarnate into an immortal jellyfish, avoid predators and toxins, and pray for someone to rescue you when your habitat dies.
But in a genetic sense, it may not be possible to avoid them.
From my understanding, the goal is to avoid precisely the problems you describe.
Next time you're down in the doldrums, you might want to avoid the mall.
But the lopsided approval of the map does not avoid the possibility of a lawsuit, which several aldermen said was inevitable.
Blame the school board that decided the highest priority was to avoid confrontation.
Anticipate traffic conditions to avoid sudden braking and acceleration.
So they end up choosing activities that come easy to them and avoid new types of fitness training.
Increasingly, they will also be able to ignore admonitions to keep their cameras steady in order to avoid a blurry picture.
The goal is to avoid everything coming on at the same time without sacrificing individual performance.
THis is why hybrids have to oversize battery packs to avoid this happening, a serious tradeoff and disadvantage.
New capacitors can avoid age-limited liquid electrolytes.
Ideally they'd be taken from the patients themselves to avoid an immune rejection.
For example, anyone using the device would need to avoid further damaging tissue while navigating the wound track.
It's meant to require little training and to avoid intimidating users.
The best solution, if you can figure out how to do it, is to avoid the high temperatures in the first place.
Wood and his colleagues will also need to develop software routines for the fly so that it will be able to avoid obstacles.
Additionally, he says, regulations need to be established to ensure that devices consistently avoid causing interference.
The malicious code must avoid detection if those sites are to remain useful to the criminals.
These laws are intended to protect you from fraud, and to give you more time to find solutions and avoid foreclosure.

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