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There is no industry, profession or avocation which does not rely on the internet to gather or distribute data, or both.
At the time, basketball was an avocation, not a vocation.
It may lead to a career, sources of some articles, or just an avocation.
Energy conservation isn't just a project, but a lifelong avocation.
Even if music is not a student's professional objective, it satisfies an often important need for avocation.
The subject matter doesn't have to relate to your career -- it can be an avocation or a hobby you've mastered.
Treasure hunting is not an avocation without peril.
There wouldn't be enough housework to occupy all my time, so I could have an avocation.
Fashion is a hobby, an avocation, a statement of personality to the outside world.
My husband was a carpenter, too, although it was an avocation and not his work.
But if your goal is to launch a weekly or monthly avocation, then week-long courses are more suitable.
Henceforth covert action would be only an avocation.
Lepidopterists, however, will have a difficult time finding unfenced countryside in which to practice their avocation.
In his devotion to this cause he made an avocation his vocation.
By avocation, he is a pioneer, from a family of noted scientific adventurers.
It was an avocation his father disparaged as a short-cut to a life of poverty.
He develops an avocation as a finder of lost persons for the poor and deserving.
He knew he was a dedicated pothead-an avocation that had devolved into a nasty coke habit.
As far as the avocation for equipment under the grant, they are user friendly.
Where painting had been an avocation, here is became my vocation.
Yet another avocation is philosophy, and objectivism in particular.
By avocation, he was an individual who devoted countless hours to public service.
Jim is an aeronautical engineer by training and father of two wonderful sons by avocation.
Farming was indeed his vocation as well as his avocation.

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