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Example sentences for avert

If you don't, avert your eyes and avoid the spoilers.
Truman ordered the Army to seize control of the nation's railroads to avert a strike.
Gradual steps should be taken to avert an abrupt crisis.
To avert the tragedy of a repeat performance, both sides need to keep their hardliners in check.
The surcharge revenue could be used to reduce many of the proposed cuts, or to avert the worst of them.
Those are key areas in which good practices might help avert other violent acts.
He bore his part bravely in the contest, but could not avert his destiny.
Still, it wasn't enough to avert tragedy.
After borrowing billions, colleges rush to avert financial fallout.
Altogether, this forested landscape will help the world avert damaging climate change.
In most cases, when we are presented with an unusual person, we avert our eyes.
Offended audience members may easily avert their eyes.
They were merely acting from hand to mouth to avert the parliamentary censure with which they were threatened.
But experts caution that technology alone may not be enough to avert another disaster.
She could talk to me, but only from the other side of the threshold, and she had to avert her head when she exhaled.
Scrupulous dental care can help avert tooth loss, but growing old gets in the way.
Eager to avert the economic catastrophe that a bee-less world, scientists have been trying to find the cause behind the collapse.
Shutting down the government, or mucking around with the debt ceiling, doesn't help avert a crisis: it is the crisis.
It is called a chain because breaking a link at any point will usually avert the tragedy.
Last-minute contacts are underway to avert the strike.
Tens of thousands of people participated in a nationwide general strike as the government tries to avert a debt crisis.
It wasn't going to be enough to avert closure, she said, until businesses and local residents heard the call for help.
In order to avert the almost inevitable human disasters that loom, all nations must adopt two dramatic policy shifts.
The whole plan is based on the mistaken idea that this action will avert global warming.
It was the sort of event people avert their eyes from.
By common consent, these measures helped avert global economic disaster.
The best way to avert chaos, continued stalemate or a coup is to return to the peace agreement.
The bail-out package should mitigate the problems, but it will not avert them.
Its funds would be earmarked not for productive investment, but to temporarily avert a collapse of the financial system.
To avert disaster, ways need to be found to ensure that the money is spent wisely.
Enough medical aid has arrived to avert a much-feared outbreak of deadly diseases.
Policymakers need to act to make a crash less likely and avert protectionist threats.
While this may not avert the need for a bail-out, it may delay it and reduce its scope.
The project was developed to avert power shortages in the city.
Peace and reconciliation meetings avert conflict and build relationships.

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