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People are commonly observed to be “risk averse” in everyday life—that is, they reject better-than-fair gambles.
Transcending the cowboy-tale genre, this raucous romp should tickle bath-averse children everywhere.
It's not too hard, as long as you aren't averse to knocking a hole in the wall.
For the fish averse, there is buttermilk fried chicken.
It seems to make selective colleges much too risk averse in balancing equity and efficiency goals.
Not that the store is averse to commercially successful authors.
Both field and laboratory-based research are difficult, and grant agencies are risk-averse.
But I do see the problems inherent in fielding a diplomat so basically averse to, well, diplomacy.
This week's pizza recipes also make for a handy way to sabotage the picky habits of vegetable-averse kids.
They seem to know it all before they enter the class, and are not averse to telling you.
Risk averse as they may be, they truly believe it is in their capitalist best interest to resist the use of firearms on site.
Although my house is small, my family seems to be cleaning-averse.
Conversely, we're risk-averse when alone for reasons of survival as well.
They were not averse to the idea of a longer school year.
They are too risk averse to venture out into growth areas that have as many opportunities for failure as success.
Productivity has gone down because wealth and capital have concentrated in too few hands who have become increasingly risk averse.
He's remarkably averse to conflict, pruning the toxic people from his life.
We're largely an obedience-averse society these days.
Governments have high retention rates because of the job security and benefits they offer to comparatively risk-averse employees.
Surveys showed that some buyers are psychologically averse to shopping by auction.
Who isn't averse to kicking his or her opponent in the shins but does it gently and cleverly.
In part, this was because inflation stayed low and investors were risk-averse in the alarm of the recession.
The winners get some public money-their merits having been proven to the city's risk-averse bureaucrats.
Investors these days are averse to risky emerging-market government debt.
Its future depends on attracting clever creative types who are not averse to designer coffee.
Older societies may be less innovative and more risk-averse than younger ones.
The mood among investors swiftly turned risk-averse.
In an industry as regulated and risk-averse as aircraft building, introducing these changes will prove an uphill struggle.
The funds can harvest the benefits of volatility and illiquidity unavailable to the risk averse.
Drug-taking entails risks, and societies are increasingly risk-averse.
We think of the bargain buyers but many people, especially in bad economic times, are risk averse.
Those with current-account deficits are vulnerable to a sudden outflow of capital if global investors become more risk averse.
Rawls' formulation implies that individuals are predominantly risk averse.
Our new administration sees somewhat averse to paying taxes as well, which is somewhat ironic.
And all of the change and uncertainty can make us risk-averse and prone to getting stuck.
But he was not averse to helping them present themselves in a better light.
Nuclear weapons make leaders vigilant and risk-averse.
Harvest rates were optimized for both risk-neutral and risk-averse utility functions.

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