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With a little imagination, music can also provide an avenue for learning.
Scientists have forged a promising avenue in the quest to restore mobility to patients paralyzed by disease or injury.
Under the dome of fading sky, the river cuts a twisting avenue through the forest.
When you're cooking down an avenue and you want a little extra go-power, it's awesome.
Participation in blogs or starting one's own blog could be an avenue for reaching out.
We rattle down a quiet avenue on a warm spring morning.
So, there exists nothing to back that avenue of thought.
He was right in the middle of the avenue and they took him literally.
As it becomes harder to smuggle through the desert, the legitimate ports of entry become a more attractive avenue.
But nonetheless, the historic and artistic atmosphere on this avenue endures.
Another avenue to be explored involves the art scene of the period.
Blocking an avenue to certain content is censorship, whether or not they can get it wireless.
It seems to me that the only safe avenue is to never light that first cigarette.
The plug-in hybrid opens an avenue that is cost-effective even in the short term with existing power sources.
Another avenue of investigation of energy storage is through temperature difference.
In fact, adown the vista of the garden-avenue, a number of persons were seen approaching towards the house.
Following this, he found himself in an avenue of trees, at the entrance of which he halted and rubbed his eyes.
From such work he moved, by the avenue of journalism, only gradually to fiction.
Performing this task on an industrial scale could open up a novel avenue to producing clean hydrogen fuel.
One thing certainly has not changed in academic librarianship: faculty remain our avenue of contact with the students.
If cells can also generate radio waves, there's no reason to think they wouldn't exploit this avenue too.
The new results, though preliminary, suggest a useful new avenue of research for scientists seeking to reverse memory decay.
He found an avenue and three main streets, one of them among the oldest paved roads in the world.
They can definitely point to a new avenue of research or inquiry, but there is great potential for them to be wrong.
They understand that the vaccines didn't cause the autism and aren't wasting time with that avenue.

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