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Example sentences for avatar

His avatar is a cartoonish rendering of his face.
When a user thinks about moving his own feet, the avatar walk forward.
Add an avatar that represents you.
In a 3-D marketplace, your avatar's name is your brand.
My avatar just stands around watching other people interact.
You can see yourself in avatar form on the screen dancing in real time .
You might buy better clothes for your avatar, or a car.
He's an avatar of Shiva the destroyer.
The avatar creation was the highlight of the kiosk for my kids.
She is the avatar of so much that is now absent in our society.
The system does this by modifying a particular user's sound stream according to his or her avatar's position in the world.
Each player gets an avatar that can be fitted with a number of inventory and wardrobe options including hijabs.
Your avatar is an animated figure or icon that represents you when you're in-world.

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