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The cloud over the business world comes not so much from law-breaking as from avaricious bruising of the public interest.
If she chooses to be avaricious she will be a hated and opposed leader.
The avaricious arachnid returns in this trickster-gets-tricked tale from Ghana.
Brands are the 20th century version of avaricious colonists swapping beads for land with naive natives.
Managers and their lawyers, investment bankers and accountants simply lied to investors for their own avaricious gain.
Henrik is sure she was murdered and believes the killer is a member of his avaricious and secretive family.
He is ambitious and avaricious.
There are too may lawyers dreaming up these evil avaricious schemes in this country.
The manipulators are viewed as self-serving and avaricious.
It may be objected, that very wise men have been notoriously avaricious.
The textbook companies are so avaricious.
Riots have become common, fuelled by the attempts of avaricious governments to raise money by selling farmers' land.
Profiles outlined include impaired spouses, stressed caregivers, dependent adult children and avaricious friends.
Often here, as elsewhere, they have fallen a prey to the avaricious and unscrupulous.

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Men hate the individual whom they call avaricious only because nothing can be gained from him.... more
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